Climbing during Covid

After thousands of check-ins in our gyms, we’re proud to say that we’ve got a stellar Covid track record. We’re grateful to all of the members of this community who’ve been so focused in following our Covid best practices so that we can keep the gym open for all. For those just returning to the gyms, the walls, the movement, and the fun will be very familiar to you, but a few things will look a bit different.

Take A Break From The Wall

Earth Treks Timonium Fitness

Take advantage of our additional fitness offerings that help strengthen your body and mind. We offer a variety of drop-in fitness classes designed to deliver a challenging functional fitness workout and enhance your climbing lifestyle and education! FREE for members and included in day passes. Class size is limited. Register at the gym or call in.

The Burn

A 30-minute, high intensity, full body, functional fitness workout.

Core Burn 

Core is crucial. Finish your climbing session with a 30-minute core-strengthening class.


Climbfit uses tried and true bouldering-based workout routines to get you into the best sending shape of your life! Get your fingers, arms, shoulders and core stronger and more durable, and upgrade your endurance and strength for all kinds of climbing. Ideal for those climbing V2 and above. These bouldering-based workouts will increase strength and endurance.


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