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Each of our yoga classes is specifically designed to fire up your strength, reset your mind and restore your energy. Yoga classes are taught by some of the best yoga instructors in the area and tailored to fit every experience level.


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Upcoming Workshops

Chaturanga/Arm Balances with Sarah and Brendan

Instructors: Sarah Evans and Brendan McCarthy
Date: Saturday, February 16
Time: 12-2:30pm
Price: $45
Nonmember Price: $20
Description: Ever wonder why we do so many chaturangas in yoga? It is an important foundational posture that builds strength and endurance in the whole body. It is the mainstay transition for many styles of yoga including vinyasa and ashtanga. By perfecting your chaturanga you will prepare your body for more challenging postures such as arm balances and inversions! In this workshop we will start by breaking down our chaturanga into its fundamental aspects and then incorporate that into our vinyasa! We will then take what we learned and apply it to different arm balances! This is a great opportunity to ask all those questions you don't get to ask in class! The workshop is suitable for all levels.


Healthy Shoulders Workshop

Instructor: Leslie Tomlinson
Sunday, March 10
Time: 2-4pm
Price: $45
Nonmember Price: $20
Description: The shoulder socket is one of the most unstable joints in the entire body by nature. It's also one of the most used joints in our daily lives and in rock climbing. This workshop will cover the muscles affecting the shoulder; the importance of length, strength, and release; and poses and breathing exercises that will help keep the muscles supporting the shoulder socket function as needed. This workshop is great for anyone with tension in the upper back, tightness across the chest and shoulders, or anyone seeking more stability in the shoulders themselves.

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Pigeon Exploration Workshop

Instructor: Sarah Evans
Saturday, April 27
Time: 1-3pm
Price: $45
Nonmember Price: $20
Description: Do you know all the different variations of pigeon? Pigeon is one of the mainstay hip openers that everyone loves. In this workshop you will explore the many different variations of this classic posture from arm balances to back ends and everything in between.

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