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Earth Treks Rockville Personal Trainers

Earth Treks personal trainer Quentin CorneliousQuentin Cornelius - Fitness Program Manager
Quentin is a Certified Personal Trainer through ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), and he is working towards earning his certification in Fitness Nutrition. After playing lacrosse and rugby, he was eventually introduced to rock climbing. Three years have passed since starting to climb, and it has become his favorite sport. Whether working on a single pitch sport route, multi-pitch trad route or a five-move boulder problem, Quentin is addicted to climbing. In regards to his philosophy on training, he believes that functionality is just as important as strength. Because of his lifelong love of sports, he incorporates exercises that focus on mobility, power, speed, and strength. Quentin loves staying up-to-date on the latest exercise and nutrition research, articles, and podcasts, and he enjoys learning the reasoning behind fitness-related principles and ideas. Finding as many ways to modify and incorporate traditional strength building programs into climbing training has become a hobby for him. By continually developing his understanding of the human body, he hopes to push his clients climbing ability to new heights.


Earth Treks personal trainer Stu WongStu Wong  -  Head Coach  |  Personal Trainer
Stu is a certified ACE personal trainer, climbing coach and fitness instructor for Earth Treks Climbing Centers, specializing in both functional and climbing specific fitness. With a BS in Biology from the University of Maryland. Stu enjoys science, bouldering, and sport climbing; forever on a quest for that perfect line. Having trained a variety of athletes, climbers, and fitness enthusiasts, Stu is able to help you achieve your goals. Whether you are looking to break through a climbing plateau, improve a specific athletic performance, or to adopt a more healthy and active lifestyle, he skillfully helps clients improve both their climbing and fitness.


Earth Treks personal trainer DixonDixon McMillan -  Personal Trainer
Dixon is a NSCA certified personal trainer. With a focus on movement mechanics, Dixon seeks to optimize performance by restoring the full functional potential of his clients. In his spare time, he can be found climbing, training and using creative workouts and activities to better improve his movement practice.



Kevin Liu - Personal Trainer

I am an ACE certified personal trainer currently working on my Kinesiology degree at the University of Maryland. I am constantly looking to gain knowledge to improve my skill sets as a trainer as well as challenge myself. I grew up doing gymnastics, playing basketball, and fighting mixed martial arts. I have experience training clients of all types, from those with no experience to Division 1 college athletes. I emphasize functional fitness and specialize in strength training and conditioning. I want to use my passion for climbing and fitness to helps clients achieve their goals.


Mark Podrabinnik – Personal Trainer

Mark is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and has been coaching climbers for years. He has been climbing competitively for eight years, and he has loved it every step of the way. Most of his time is spent training and bouldering, and he is focused on getting stronger to so he can climb as many boulders as possible. Mark believes that through hard work, climbers of any experience level can achieve their fitness and climbing goals, and he is excited to be able to guide people through this process.


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