Gym 2 Crag Package

Sign up for both the Intermediate Rock Climbing and Top Rope Systems 1 courses and maximize your experience and value (save $60, non-members save $20)! This package is perfectly matched to the indoor climber (or a climber with limited outdoor experience) who is looking for the skills to climb outdoors. The Gym 2 Crag Package will prepare you to head to any crag with the knowledge and confidence to set up your own top rope system and climb with technique and finesse. 

Gym 2 Crag Package Plus

Take things to the next level with the Gym 2 Crag Package Plus. This package adds the Top Rope Systems 2 course to the Gym 2 Crag Package for even more knowledge and more savings. These three classes are crucial to your development as an outdoor climber.

Total savings of $90 (non-members save $30)! Register Gym 2 Crag Package PLUS

Price: $230 ($345 for Gym 2 Crag Package Plus)
Member Price: $190 ($285 for Gym 2 Crag Package Plus)
Ages: 13 +
Location: Carderock, MD and Great Falls, VA
Equipment: Included
Prerequisites: Belaying skills; you can learn how to belay in the Introduction to Rock Climbing course or Indoor Package.

Learn To Lead Indoors

Taking the Intro to Sport Lead course indoors will be great preparation for Intro to Trad Climbing.

More about sport lead course

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