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Introductory to advanced classes taught in Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia

Outdoor Introduction to Rock Climbing

Where it all begins. The Introduction to Rock Climbing Course focuses on fundamental skills and techniques. Participants will receive expert climbing instruction and learn how to use harnesses, tie knots, belay and rappel. This is the perfect experience for those taking their first steps into the vertical world or for climbers who have yet to learn to belay.

The skills you’ll learn will also prepare you to climb indoors, and participants will receive an Earth Treks day pass.

Dates: April 14, May 5 & 20, June 17 & 23, July 21, August 5, September 8 & 16 
Member Price: $100
Ages: 13 +
Location: Carderock, MD or Great Falls, VA

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Outdoor Intermediate Rock Climbing

Earth Treks’ Intermediate Rock Climbing Course is an excellent transition for indoor climbers. The one-day course starts with outdoor specific movement workshops to improve balance and refine footwork and hand positions. Through the afternoon we’ll tackle more challenging climbs and learn more advanced rappelling techniques.

Dates (one-day class): March 31, April 14, May 5 & 20, June 3, 17 & 23, July 7 & 21, August 5, 18 & 19, September 8 & 16, October 7 & 20
Price: $125
Member Price: $100
Ages: 13 +
Location: Carderock, MD or Great Falls, VA
Equipment: Included
Prerequisites: Belaying skills

Information & Booking

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Gym 2 Crag Package

Our gym to crag package is perfect for the aspiring outdoor climber. This package combines Intermediate Rock Climbing and Top Rope Systems 1 courses to maximize your experience and value! The Gym 2 Crag Package will prepare you to head to any crag with the knowledge and confidence to set up your own top rope system and climb with technique and finesse.

GYM TO CRAG PLUS: This package adds the Top Rope Systems 2 course - that’s three classes crucial to your development and safety as an outdoor climber, with a total savings of $90 (non-members save $30)!

Dates: Stay tuned for 2018 dates
Price: $230 ($345 for Package Plus)
Member Price: $190 ($285 for Package Plus)
Ages: 13 +
Location: Carderock, MD and Great Falls, VA
Prerequisites: Belaying skills

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Top Rope Systems 1

Get the technical knowledge and practical experience needed to build and evaluate top rope systems with natural anchors (trees and boulders). Each student will finish the course with the skills and confidence needed to independently set up top rope climbs.

Dates: March 31, April 15 & 28, May 6 & 19, June 3, 16 & 24, July 7 & 22, August 4, 19 & 25, September 9 & 22, October 13
Price: $125
Member Price: $100
Ages: 13 +
Location: Great Falls, VA
Equipment: Included
Prerequisites: Belaying and top rope climbing experience.

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Top Rope Systems 2

Earth Treks’ Top Rope Systems 2 course will build your "rope skills toolkit" by learning how to manage a climb from the top of the cliff and perform basic rescue skills. Skills taught will include: proper top belay and lowering techniques, hauling systems, and rappelling techniques in exposed terrain.

Dates: May 6 & 19, June 24, July 22, August 4 & 25, September 9 & 22,  October 14
Price: $125
Member Price: $100
Ages: 13 +
Location: Great Falls, VA
Prerequisites: Top Rope Systems 1 or equivalent experience

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Introduction to Trad Climbing

Our Trad Seminar is appropriate for climbers who either want to expand their options for building anchors or those who want to tie into the sharp end. A low student to instructor ratio ensures you will receive plenty of personal attention. Course content includes evaluation of gear and its use, basic anchoring skills, cleaning gear from a pitch and lots of practice."

Dates: April 29, May 12, June 9, July 8, August 12, September 23, October 6 & 21
Price: $185
Member Price: $160
Ages: 13 +
Location: Annapolis Rocks, MD
Prerequisites: Belaying and top rope anchoring experience mandatory. Sport Lead experience highly recommended

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Road Trip - West Virginia

A great weekend adventure for developing climbers. The course is a perfect combination of our Intermediate Rock Climbing and Top Rope Systems 1 classes. Under the watchful eye of instructors, you will get plenty of opportunities to set top rope anchors and then climb on your own setups.

By the end of the weekend, climbers will have the skills necessary to climb independently outdoors and the background to take the next step into more technical climbing.

Dates: May 19-20, September 29-30
Price: $225
Ages: 13 +
Location: Coopers Rock, WV
Equipment: Included

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Rock Climbing Instructor Development Seminar

The State of Maryland requires all youth camps to have qualified staff members on site during climbing and rappelling programs. Earth Treks developed a certification program in 1993 and has been teaching it ever since. This program is recognized by the State of Maryland, and successful completion meets their criteria for staff leading climbing programs in a Maryland youth camp. This is an intensive program geared toward top roped climbing and covers industry best practices regarding risk management, teaching skills, hard skills and basic rescue skills. The seminar consists of two days of training and a one day exam.

Dates: May 16-17, exam: May 18
Price: $330
Location: Carderock, MD
Prerequisites: Top rope climbing, belaying and anchoring experience are required.

For registration, inquire online or call 410-872-0060 (option 3).  If you have five or more students, this seminar can be booked privately.

For more information, download the Instructor Development Seminar Course Packet

Private Instruction

Any of Earth Treks’ outdoor rock climbing courses can be booked privately for groups or individuals, or let Earth Treks customize an outdoor course to meet your needs.

Private one-day local introductory courses.  Topics include basic climbing movement, belaying, rappelling, and top rope anchoring.

  • $420 per group of 4; $285 per day for 1 student

Advanced private instruction for small groups: Topics include vertical rescue, lead climbing, multi-pitch climbing and aid climbing.

  • $385 per day for 1 student – this program runs from 8am to 7pm.

All prices include equipment and instruction.

For more information: call 410-872-0060 (option 3) or inquire online. It is recommended that you call at least 4-6 weeks in advance to adequately plan your event. Peak seasons often require further notice.  Advance booking with deposit is required.


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