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USA Climbing Competitions

Bouldering Season 2019

complete list for 702 region and most up-to-date registration available HERE

Date  Gym  ET Coaches Attending? 
Sep 14  Boulder Yard – Frederick, MD  Yes 
Oct 12  Earth Treks Timonium  Yes  
Oct 26  Vertical Rock, Manassas, VA  Yes  
Oct 26  PRG - Oaks, PA  Depends on registration #’s 
Nov 2  Reach – Bridgeport, PA  Depends on registration #’s 
Nov 9  Boulder Yard – Frederick, MD  Yes  
Nov 16  Triangle Rock Club – Richmond, VA  Depends on registration #'s


* December 14 - REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP – Earth Treks Rockville, MD

* January 18-19 - DIVISIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP – Peak Experiences, Richmond, VA

* February 7-9 - NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP – Redmond, OR

Regional, Divisional, and National competitions have specific requirements for qualification, registration, and attendance so please read through the USA Climbing website carefully. Earth Treks charges a nominal competition fee for athletes attending upper level competitions through USAC (Divisionals and Nationals): $75 for Divisionals and $150 for Nationals. While these fees will not completely cover the cost of sending coaches, they will help keep it at a manageable rate so that we can continue to send coaches to away competitions.

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Coach Contact

Janet Hirsch, Team Manager / Indoor Climbing School Director

Lawrence Osefoh, Columbia and Rockville Head Coach

Lauren Demeis-OrtizCrystal City Head Coach

Kat Porter, Timonium Head Coach


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