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Under revision due to COVID-19. Please see USA Climbing's website for updates and changes.

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Lawrence Osefoh, Rockville Head Coach

Lin Robinson, Columbia Head Coach

Lauren Demeis-OrtizCrystal City Head Coach

Kat Porter, Timonium Head Coach

Janet Hirsch, Regional Director of Instruction


Earth Treks Climbing Team Handbook updated 2/26/2020


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Climbing Team Anywhere

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we have created the Climbing Team Anywhere program. This is a program for all our El Cap Youth Climbing Teams to encourage athletes, families and coaches to stay active and engaged mentally, physically and in our team culture right at home! Whave set up several resources including social media and continuing emails to support this program for those interested. 

What is Climbing Team Anywhere? 

Follow the steps below to learn about and participate in Climbing Team Anywhere. This program is not just limited to El cap team athletes and coachesparents, siblings, friends, housemates, etc are welcome to join in. 

Start the #ClimbingTeamAnywhere Program!

Read the Climbing Team Anywhere Program document

  •  This doc contains:
    • The master list of challenges and their point values
      • 3 major challenge categories: Fitness, Community and Personal Growth
    • Links to previous weekly workouts
    • Links to the core and cardio challenge
    • How new workouts and weekly scores are posted

The weekly workout

  • This workout changes week to week with options to scale difficulty by adding sets/reps and modifying exercises.

Create your #ClimbingTeamAnywhere plan 

    1. What workouts do you want to do this week? When? 
    2. What other challenges will you try to accomplish in the next few days? 
    3. Write down your plan to help hold yourself accountable 
    4. Parents, siblings, coaches, and athletes can all participate!

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