The Road

The Road
The Road gives participants a strong physical training edge to their climbing. It is a no-joke course that is physically demanding regardless of your level of fitness. It is intended to become a part of a climber’s regular routine of fitness training throughout the year.

Many routines will be body-weight routines. Other routines may employ “unconventional” methods of resistance outside the scope of what a “regular” gym can offer. As an example, during a session participants could be expected to do a set of chin-ups, swing a sledgehammer and then drag a 250lb tire.

All workouts will be geared towards helping participants realize climbing-specific physical goals. In addition to the workouts, participants will receive supplemental “homework” assignments that strength the foundation of their overall fitness level.




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Course Name

The Road

Dates & Times

28 Sessions
Every Mon, Wed, Fri from 7:00-8:00pm*

* First and last sessions will be two hours (for curriculum overview, nutrition and workout expectations, weight & body-fat measurements) the rest will be one hour each. No make up sessions.



Member Price



18 and up


Columbia, Timonium, Rockville


Wear attire appropriate for physically strenuous activity and a towel.


Willingness to work hard. This course is great for the beginner and hard-core climber alike.