8 Reasons to Send Your Child to Summer Camp

Summer camps are great places for children to learn and make new friends. They are like training arenas, where in participants hone existing skills and uncover hidden talents. Summer camps may be held indoors or outdoors and may be just a day long or a residential retreat. The activities may revolve around sports, adventure or science along with a blend of adventure activities. Regardless of its nature, Earth Treks Summer Camps are a great way to spend the summer season. Here are 8 great reasons to send your child to one this year

Experiential learning:

Summer camps offer comprehensive learning, including theory and practical application of various subjects. The setting is less informal when compared to a classroom. The organizers and counsellors provide personal attention and encourage creativity. Thus, at every summer camp, children learn at least one new skill hands-on.

Social skills:

These camps build social skills as well as character. The interactive sessions encourage children to engage in discussion and team activities with their peers. They teach them to be responsible for each other.

Responsible living:

Children are taught the concept of community living. How to live in a society, care for it and give back are discussed. They are generally taught lessons in good citizenship as well as caring for nature, animals, the elderly and citizens.


Children become independent and confident. For instance, rock climbing is a popular camp activity, somethingthat requires patience, strength and resilience. Painting and dance help them express their creativity. Summer camps encourage kids to participate in such activities so that they acquire new skills and become more confident as they grow.

Holistic growth:

Camps provide children the opportunity to get fresh air, exercise and make like-minded friends – all at one place and time. These are essentials for a healthy development of a child -both physically and mentally. Counselors admonish bullying and gossip, so that children can feel comfortable and work hand-in-hand with their peers.

Disconnect from technology:

Today, children tend to lose themselves in technology. Access to the Internet on personal devices keeps them engrossed for a large part of the day. On the contrary, summer camps offer an enjoyable way to disconnect from technology and reconnect with people. They help children realize their own potential and encourage them to pursue a variety of stimulating activities.

Rediscover Nature:

Considering the concrete jungles we live in today, children often miss out on the beauty and therapeutic value of nature. Summer camps are often held in scenic, natural surroundings that help children reconnect with their environment. Treks, hikes, bird watching and other nature-centric activities serve to enhance their experience manifold.


A camp is also an opportunity where children are introduced to their heritage and culture through book reading, story-telling sessions, skits, dances and plays that make children aware of the history of their country and its people.

These are just some of the benefits your child may gain from a great camping experience. No matter whether your child attends a summer rock climbing camp or a nature camp, they are sure to return armed with an array of lessons learnt for life.

Throw a rock climbing birthday party!

Are you bored silly with the same old birthday parties? Isn’t the piñata too yesterday? There’s no adrenaline rush, no pushing yourself to your maximum at conventional birthday parties. Why not start a new trend?

Ditch the party dress, take up your sports shoes, strap on a harness, fasten a carabineer and throw a rock climbing party! Check out more details of our birthday party programs.

If you are an adventure enthusiast, who would rather climb new heights than simply ascend in age, a climbing party can be a really fun experience. Or if you spend most of your day in front of a computer screen, you need to relax your stiff joints, loosen up your limbs and fill your lungs with oxygen with a rock climbing experience!

Earth Treks offers a private indoor climbing party area, which allows guests of all ages to climb to their heart’s content in a private area, and to serve food and refreshment.

Rock Climbing Party = A Break in the Monotony

Age is no barrier! Climbing can turn into an enjoyable activity for people from all walks of life and ability levels. You don’t have to be a professional mountaineer to scale the walls at Earth Treks Climbing Centers. Enthusiastic instructors are with the group for a full two hours to do all the belaying, maintain balance, break through apprehensions and push upwards. The climbing area is padded with harnesses and ropes used to climb. Earth Treks staff do all the belaying so no experience is necessary.

The whole experience would take about two hours. It is recommended that you book your private climbing event at least four to six weeks in advance to prepare well. To book now Click Here. You may bring along party food and beverages to be indulged in during the halfway break.

The outdoor climbing experience is specifically for nature enthusiasts. For those with no experience in outdoor rock climbing, Earth Treks offers courses for beginners. Start with Introduction to Rock Climbing to get insight into the “vertical world”. Once you feel confident about your belaying skills, the next step would be a course in Intermediate Rock Climbing. If you have a zest for climbing and enjoy new experiences, then sky’s the limit at Earth Treks.

Ditch those maddening deadlines and rush-hour traffic. Take up your climbing gear and set off for a rock climbing gala this birthday. Celebrate not just your day but also your life!

SCS Comp on May 10th at Earth Treks Rockville – Wall Closures and Running Order

Poster for Website

The Sport Climbing Series (SCS) Capital Regional Championships will be taking place at Earth Treks Climbing Centers Rockville, MD this Saturday May 10th.

Good luck to all participants!

Click here to download a PDF of the Running Order

Please note that we will have some wall closures while the comp is underway and on the day of the competition as well.

For up to date info you can check our Earth Treks Rockville Facebook page as we will be posting the latest news and photos on comp day. #SCSCompET

Please see below for closures.



Days Leading into the Comp closure schedule days:

Earth Treks Rockville Roped Corridor
-Monday, May 5th ALL DAY
-Tuesday, May 6th – Until 4pm
-Wednesday/Thursday/Friday – Limited climbing after 3pm


Day of Comp closures:
-Saturday, May 10th – Roped Corridor CLOSED all day.

Instructional Roomold bouldering side rockville 1old bouldering side rockville 2

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.



SCS_Comp 2014 Parking_web large map