Setter Showdown 2014 coming to Earth Treks Rockville on September 6th!

Setter-Showdown-Poster-Final-with-DetailsOn September 6th, 2014  Earth Treks Climbing Centers Rockville, MD will be hosting the Setter Showdown!

What: Setter Showdown (
When: September 6, 2014
Where: Earth Treks Climbing Centers Rockville,
725 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852



The Setter Showdown is a routesetting competition, only the second of its kind (the first being the Kingdom Games that took place last year in California). Each setter will set three boulder problems, over three rounds of setting. Each will set an easy, medium and hard problem.

Earth Treks has partnered with climbing industry icon and creator of the Kingdom Games, Louie Anderson to put on this event. Louie has been setting, hold shaping, and building climbing walls since the industry started.

24 route setters from all over the East Coast  have been invited to come and set boulder problems that will be judged in three ways: industry experts, other setters, and last but most importantly our members.

Members will then have the chance to vote on the winning boulders between 10 & 2 on Saturday the 6th.

Not only do members get to help judge the setting competition but they also will be treated to shoe demos, a vendor village, and free food.   Oh yeah, and beer, FREE BEER!!!


Setter Showdown
10 am – Judging Starts
2 pm   – Judging Concludes
4 pm   – Awards

Vendor Village & BBQ
10 am – Climbing Shoe Demos
12 to 4 pm – Vendor Village
4 to 6 pm  -Members Rock Party/BBQ & Drinks*
**Earth Treks Members will get a free food & drink ticket on the day of the event. Make sure to stop by the front desk to get your tickets. Food/Drinks will also be available for  non-members for purchase, so don’t forget to bring some cash to get some grub and drinks!


Designated parking areas will be marked the day of the event.



Types of Rock Climbing

To beat the monotony of an everyday boring routine, people seek thrill and adventure. They seek an outlet to vent out frustrations of their daily grind.

So ditch that formal wear and those polished shoes, don your most durable sports gear, grab a rope and scale a mountain.

Those who like to test their stamina and capacity for adventure, sweat it out through physically demanding adventure sports like rock climbing. The amount of muscle building and abs toning that you will receive from climbing is way more exhilarating and satisfying than a regular gym routine.

Climbing, isn’t a mainstream routine with a singular method, there are different ways of mounting the challenge. Here is a brief overview of the different types of climbing and the equipment required therewith.

The most basic type of climbing is bouldering.  Bouldering is climbing without any protection—just the climber, some climbing shoes and a bag of chalk.  So it’s technically free soloing, but the climbs called “problems” are typically short climbs and often found on boulders. The idea is to protect yourself by padding the the ground with bouldering pads.

Top roping is one of the lowest risk types of climbing. In this method, the rope from the belayer is redirected through an anchor above so that if you fall, you only descend by foot or two and not plummet ten to fifteen feet. This is most popular among beginners. Register Here to enroll for the introduction to climbing course offered by Earth Treks Climbing Centers.

Traditional climbing or “Trad” involves free climbing while placing protection in the rock as you climb.  That protection is there in case you fall.  Traditional climbers wedge equipment into the rock as they ascend.  It is advised that potential climbers know basic belaying and balancing before attempting outdoor traditional climbing.

Aid climbing involves ascending a wall with the aid of equipment/ledges placed in the rock. So the basic idea is to hoist yourself up and tug at the gear jutting out from the rocks.

Free soloing is a highly risky type of climbing and involves great skill, precision and technique. This form of climbing involves scaling without any protection. If a climber falls while soling, he is certain to meet instant death. This form is not recommended to any type of climber, whether experienced or not.

Ice climbing involves climbing on ice using axes and crampons. Ice climbing uses many of the same techniques and gear that are used in rock climbing.

Mountaineering involves a combination of climbing and walking. It may involve scaling both snow clad mountains or rocky dry terrain.

Hill walking involves walking over mountainous terrain and watching picturesque views and landscapes. This is combined with the basic skill of map reading, a sense of direction and navigation and stamina for walking long distances and tiresome terrains.

Click Here to know about the various indoor rock climbing courses that engage enthusiasts to a variety of climbing experiences. With no dearth of options in rock climbing, it is a sport hard to resist and impossible to get enough of, once you have had the taste of it.