Rock N’ River Camp

ET_2015_Page Banner_MD_Rock n RiverEarth Treks has collaborated with Ultimate Watersports to bring you a climbing and water sports camp that is a guaranteed winner.

Climbing days include basic safety skills instruction, team building games and challenges, and loads of climbing. Watersport days days will be under the guidance of the certified instructors at Ultimate Watersports. Campers will learn flat water paddling skills using kayaks and stand up paddleboards as they explore the Gunpowder River.

Each week is divided into two groups (Session A and B). Drop off and pick up times and locations are the same for each group (Earth Treks Timonium Climbing Center), but the groups alternate between climbing and water sport activities. One group will spend the first two days at Earth Treks Timonium while the other group will head off to Ultimate Watersports to paddle (Dundee Creek location). Wednesday and Thursday, the two groups will trade places. Friday will be spent with Ultimate Watersports (Hammerman location) where both groups will enjoy a beach party complete with sailing, relay races, and a water trampoline! Transportation to Ultimate Watersports is provided.

***The extended care option is not available for the Rock ‘n’ River Camps.***

Timelines and Columbia Shuttle option:
Each day of camp will begin and end at Earth Treks Timonium. We will begin at 9:00am and end at 3:00pm. A shuttle service is available during the R ‘n’ R weeks from Columbia to Timonium. The R ‘n’ R shuttle will leave the Columbia gym at 8:15am and return to the Columbia gym at 4pm.

Inquire Online with general questions about the Rock n River Camp.
For specific questions about the water sports, please contact Ultimate Watersports at 410-335-2340 or online.

Registration Instructions:

  • Online Registration: Use buttons below to register or check for availability. Use the drop downs to search for sessions during the summer months. After registering, complete pages 2-5 (and 6 if needed) of the Rock n River Registration Forms and bring them on the first day of camp (please mail in advance if there is a medical or dietary concern). Multiple participants can be enrolled at the same time for one session, but if registering for multiple sessions each session must be registered for separately.
  • Registration by Mail: Complete all pages of the Rock n River Registration Forms (pages 1-5, and 6 if needed) and mail them to us with full payment.
Session A: 9:00am to 3:00pm

  • Monday / Tuesday: Climbing
  • Wednesday / Thursday: Paddling
  • Friday: Beach Party
Session B: 9:00am to 3:00pm

  • Monday / Tuesday: Paddling
  • Wednesday / Thursday: Climbing
  • Friday: Beach Party

Camp Name

Rock N’ River Camp

2016 Dates & Times

Aug 1-5 (Timonium)






Timonium (Shuttle from Columbia available)




For the safety of the participants, all campers must have strong swimming skills and absolutely no fear of open water.