Climbing Parties

  • Parties for Kids at Earth Treks Climbing Centers

  • Climbing Parties for Kids at Earth Treks Climbing Centers, Maryland

  • Climbing Parties at Earth Treks Climbing Centers, Maryland

Earth Treks’ Climbing Center is one of the hottest party spots around! Whether it’s a birthday party, school field trip, scout event, corporate event, or church outing an Earth Treks climbing party is sure to be a big hit. Climbing is enjoyed by both kids and adults alike and no experience is necessary. Our private climbing party area gives you the privacy you are looking for while the participants climb to their hearts desire!  Questions? Inquire online or if you’re ready Book a Party Online.


What's included in an Earth Treks climbing party?

  • Private climbing Areas:  Our private climbing party area gives you the privacy you are looking for with a range of climbs suited for all ages and ability levels - we recommend a minimum age of six for a climbing birthday party.
  • Two Hours of Climbing:  Earth Treks’ enthusiastic climbing instructors are with your group the full two hours so the participants get to climb to their hearts content! Earth Treks’ instructors are responsible for all climbing related activities, so no experience is necessary.
  • T-Shirt Birthday Gift: The birthday boy or girl can proudly exclaim that they've climbed to new heights with their free t-shirt! (Birthday parties only)
  • Equipment (Harnesses) are included.

How does food and drink work?

Groups are responsible for bringing their own food, drink, and serving supplies.  Earth Treks will provide a table and basic white plastic table cloth to serve your refreshments buffet style in the climbing area.  Having pizzas delivered is a popular option- just make sure you schedule them for delivery in the first half of your program.  You can have snacks out during the entire party, but it's best to take a break half way through if you want to serve cake and sing happy birthday as a group.

Below are downloadable PDFs of a few of the Resturants that deliver to each one of our gyms

Rockville Party Food Vendors List

Columbia Pizza Party Food Vendor List

Timonium Pizza Party Food Vendor List

Crystal City Party Food Vendors List

Party Favors

For birthday parties, a t-shirt gift for the birthday child is included.  Optional party favor bags for all the guests are also available for purchase on the day of your party for $6 each. The favor bag includes:

  • Keychain Carabiner
  • Bouncing Rockball
  • Cliff Kids Organic Z-Bar
  • ET Branded Bracelet
  • 2 Earth Treks Stickers
  • 2 Temporary Tattoos

What's the format for the party?

After a brief orientation and low sideways climbing to get warmed up, the climbers will transition to vertical climbing with the help of Earth Treks instructors. While snacks can be out during the entire party, it’s best to take a break half way through if you want to serve cake and sing happy birthday. Then it’s back to climbing until a brief wrap up at the end of the party.

How much does a climbing party cost?

Climbers Columbia
Crystal City
1 to 10 $250.00 $295.00 $50.00
11 to 15 $350.00 $395.00 $50.00
16 to 20 $450.00 $495.00 $100.00
21 to 25 $550.00 $595.00 $100.00
26 to 30 $650.00 $695.00 $100.00

How do I Book a Party?

Advance booking with deposit is required. For all private programs, it is recommended that you book at least 4-6 weeks in advance to adequately plan your event. Peak seasons may require further notice.

  1. Book your party for any location or inquire further either online or over the phone.
    • Book Online: Book online for weekend or weekday parties. Simply select a time slot, location, and max group size that meets your needs. After you select a time slot, you’ll be able to reduce the max group size to meet your needs (minimum 10) before you make your deposit. If you have questions first you can inquire online or call.
    • Call to Book: If you would like to book a larger event or a daytime event during the week, or simply prefer to book over the phone, please call our Private Program Department at 410-872-0060 (option 3) during office hours of 11:00-7:00, Monday-Friday.
  2. Invite your guests and make sure they receive Earth Treks’ waiver form. The form must be completed by each child’s parent or legal guardian prior to participation.
  3. To assure the correct staffing levels for your program, the final group size (one of the group size brackets ) and balance payment is required approximately two weeks prior to your program. Confirm Online and make payments using the order number found in your confirmation email.

Waivers and Invitations

A completed waiver form is required for each participant. Climbers under the age of 18 MUST have their Earth Treks waiver signed by their parent or court appointed legal guardian. You can download just the waiver without the invitation, choose from our
printable invitation with waiver by location below, or create a custom online invitation that includes a link to the waiver.

Create a Custom Online Invitation!

Printable Birthday Invitations and Waiver:
Download and print a birthday party invitation and waiver. Print these two page documents front to back.

Contact EarthTreks Climbing and arrange your climbing birthday parties in Maryland, Columbia MD, Virginia and Washington DC.