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Team Development Climbing Programs:

Organizational development and team building are ongoing challenges for every corporation. Earth Treks’ Corporate Team Building programs will help your organization reach its peak performance. Each program is designed around the specific needs and goals of your group. An Earth Treks program will stress important topics such as trust development, team cohesion, goal setting, and pushing personal limits, while keeping the program light and fun.  A “Challenge by Choice” method is applied to all of our programs.  Every participant is given the opportunity to challenge themselves in the way that’s right for them- all with the support of their peers.  In addition to the programs listed, we can provide customized programs based on your organization’s needs.

“High Altitude” Team Climbing Challenges:

Looking for a fun filled activity that will bring your team together and give them an experience they will talk proudly about for years? This course is designed for folks with little or no climbing experience and teaches the skills needed to climb, with all the inherent problem solving, coaching, and limit pushing benefits. This class is not a therapy session, it is a teambuilding adventure. Organizations use this course to help teams celebrate successes or break through barriers. If your group is aiming to really push the envelope and step out of their comfort zone, additional challenging and rewarding vertical initiatives can be added.

Cost: $75/person for a 3 hour event, $100/person for a 4 hour event.

Motivational Speaking and Multi-Media Presentations:

Earth Treks’ owner, Chris Warner, knows something about reaching peak performance.  Chris has guided thousands of climbers throughout the United States, the Alps, Africa, the Andes of Peru, Ecuador and Argentina, and the Himalayas of Nepal and Tibet.  Chris has summitted peaks in excess of 19,000 feet over 100 times, including both Everest and K2, the two highest peaks in the world.  Chris’ presentations are both engaging and inspiring and feature jaw dropping footage from his far flung adventures.  If you’re interested in booking Chris Warner to fire up your troops at your next corporate meeting or event, please contact Earth Treks’ private program department.

Visit Chris Warner’s website at

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To read about Chris’ new book HIGH ALTITUDE LEADERSHIP, co-authored with Don Schmincke, please visit

To schedule your private program for any location, call our Private Program Department at 410-872-0060 (option 3) during office hours (Monday-Friday, 11:00-7:00) or inquire online

For all private programs, it is recommended that you call at least 4-6 weeks in advance
to adequately plan your event. Peak seasons often require further notice.  Advance booking with deposit is required.