Top Rope Systems 1

Earth Treks Top rope systems 1

Earth Treks’ Top Rope Systems course provides participants with the technical knowledge and practical experience needed to build and evaluate top rope systems with natural anchors (trees and boulders).  The Earth Treks theme through this intensive course is “the most appropriate materials in the strongest practical use.”  We start the day discussing the gear and practical physics behind constructing top rope systems, and then move quickly to the hands on experience of setting up and evaluating anchors. Students hone their new anchoring skills through the afternoon, and perhaps get in a climb or two.  Our goal is for students to finish the course with the skills and confidence needed to independently set up top rope climbs.

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Course Name

Top Rope Systems 1

2016 Dates & Times

April 9, 16, 24, May 7, 15, 21, June 5, 18, 26, July 9, 17, August 7, 28, September 10, 18, 25, October 9, 29


Top Rope Systems 1

Learn TR anchoring!

Gym 2 Crag Package

Save $20!

Gym 2 Crag Package Plus

Save $30!



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13 and up


Great Falls, VA




Belaying and top rope climbing experience.