Introduction to Sport Lead Climbing

ET_2015_Page Banner_MD_Intro to SportSo are you a top rope climber and ready to try the sharp end? For many lead climbing offers an elevated level of mental and physical challenge. This course will teach the critical techniques necessary to both lead climb and belay in the gym. Participants will be given the opportunity to take and catch practice lead falls. This course is also a great first step for those with aspirations of leading outdoors.

Course Name

Introduction to Sport Lead Climbing

Dates & Times

One Monday per month 6:30pm-10:00pm.
Additionally one Wednesday per month in Rockville and Crystal City.



Member Price



13 and up


Columbia, Timonium, Rockville, Crystal City




Belay Safety Check (Top Rope). While there is no strict requirement on climbing ability, most participants are able to comfortably top rope in the 5.8 range or higher.