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Living Social Redemption Instructuctions

Thank you for purchasing a Living Social voucher for our Introduction to Climbing course. If you have not registered for your course and wish to do so, here are a few frequently asked questions regarding the voucher redemption process:


  • Q: “How do I register for a class with my Living Social deal?”
  • A: Download your voucher from Living Social and follow the steps to register online. (Click here to go straight to the Introduction to Climbing course page).  Make sure you enter the coupon code, NOT your voucher number in the Coupon Code box during checkout.The coupon code is specific to our registration system and will zero out the balance during registration.


  • Q: “When do I have to register by?”
  • A: Check the voucher for expiration. The promotional value of $35 may expire on a set date (6 or 12 months from date of sale) but you have until that day to register for a class. So if you are out of town and can’t take the class until AFTER the expiration date, as long as you enroll online before the promotional value expires, you can complete the course at any point in the future.


  • Q: “Can I register more than one climber?”
  • A: Yes! During the registration process, simply change the drop down menu to indicate the number of climbers in your group.However, you still need to bring ALL of your individual vouchers with you on the night of the course.

Banff Mountain Film Festival 2012

banff2012STUNNING INTERNATIONAL FILM PRODUCTIONS ON MOUNTAIN THEMES ranging from mountaineering to ice and rock climbing to wildlife and environmental issues, as well as mountain sports such as skiing, kayaking, snowboarding, and much more.

THESE ARE SOME OF THE BEST OF THE FEST from the internationally acclaimed film competition that captures the spirit of the mountains with magnificent cinematography. See the award winners that blanket the spectrum of outdoor activities, culture and environment.

COME EXPLORE breathtaking mountain environments and cultures celebrating the spirit of outdoor adventure. The tour brings the festival to 305 cities in 20 countries around the world covering territory across Canada, the USA, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and the South Pacific.

Whether you are an experienced mountaineer or an armchair adventurer, come celebrate, share and find inspiration in these mountain experiences, ideas and visions.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at 7PM     [ 2012 Film List ]

Loyola University, McGuire Hall in Baltimore, Maryland     [ directions ]

Tickets in advance: $19 , students $15 (can be purchased from all three Earth Treks facilities)   

At the door: $21, students $17 (if still available)

2012 ABS Divisional Championships

This past weekend marked the first annual ABS Divisional Championships held around the country. The Earth Treks Climbing Team travelled to northern New Jersey to compete at The Gravity Vault along with teams from all along the North East from northern Virginia to Maine. The team brought 33 competitors to the event, a two day long competition with day one being qualifiers and day two being finals.

The first round consisted of four boulder problems with competitors having 5 minutes to complete each problem. Twenty Earth Treks climbers placed in the Top 10 for their categories, allowing them into the finals round the next day. The finals round came down to only 3 boulder problems for each climber. After an excellent performance from all the climbers at the event, Earth Treks came away with 13 climbers placing high enough to earn a spot at this years Nationals on March 2-4th in Colorado Springs.

The following climbers have earned an invitation to the 2012 ABS National Championship:

  • Arabella J.- 2nd
  • Ben W.- 4th
  • Bryce D.- 5th
  • Brandon L.- 8th
  • Kayla L.- 3rd
  • Claire B.- 7th
  • Ben D.- 5th
  • Julianna J.- 2nd
  • Kerry S.- 5th
  • Clarissa S.- 7th
  • Danny P.- 8th
  • Nicole H.- 6th
  • Alice P.- 7th

Rockville Expansion Update

The Earth Treks Rockville expansion has entered the final stages of construction and we are thrilled with the progress thus far. Initially, we estimated the expansion would bring Earth Treks Rockville to a total of 34,000 square feet of climbing but happily, the grand total will be over 38,000 square feet! Not only will this make Earth Treks Rockville the largest climbing wall in the nation, it will also make us one of the biggest in the entire world! 

For those of you that haven’t been to Rockville recently, the roof and walls of the existing fitness room have been removed. We regret any interruptions you may experience with the fitness equipment during this stage of the transition and we will try to minimize any impact it may have on your routine. The new fitness room, which is twice as large, will include more equipment and a dedicated fitness/yoga room. Our aim has been to create a functional training facility to help you reach both your climbing & fitness goals.

Jason Kehl set the first routes last week, a massive shipment of padding has arrived (2 tractor-trailers worth!) and more top rope anchors are being welded every day. We still have some hurdles, but are working to open up sections of the expansion as the construction schedule and the building inspectors from the City of Rockville allow. The first section of the new side could be open for climbing in as little as three weeks!

None of this would be possible without the constant support of our community members. Thank you for your continued patience during this hectic time. We are looking forward to opening sections of the new side next month and even more excited for a grand re-opening celebration on January 21st! (We’ll email more details in a few weeks).

Keep an eye on the Earth Treks blog or Facebook page for updates, photos & videos as the expansion progresses. Of course, you can also watch the progress through the gaping hole in the bouldering cave!

[Click on the big white arrow to start slide show. Click on the full_screen.jpg to view in full screen mode]

Rockville Cave Closure


UPDATE 09/26/11:   In an effort to minimize the impact on our members, we’ve put this off as long as we could but the time has arrived! Construction on the new cave has reached the point that we are able to begin bridging the old side with the new side. The 30′ section highlighted in these photos will be removed this week, beginning Wednesday September 28th. Due to the construction , we will need to CLOSE the existing bouldering cave on Wednesday & Thursday. We will aim to re-open a portion of the cave on Friday, September 30th. Thank you for all of your patience!

UPDATE 08/29/11:  The 30 foot wide section on the left side of the bouldering cave that was scheduled to come down the last week of August has been delayed until later in September. This means you have a few more weeks of access to that section until the wall must come down and construction to bridge the old cave with the new cave begins. So take advantage of it while you still can!

Posted 08/08/11: As construction progresses, the time to open up the first pass through into the new side draws nearer. Towards the end of September, a roughly 30 foot wide section on the left side of the bouldering cave will be removed to allow the construction crew to begin bridging the new cave with the old.

We know 30 feet sounds like a lot, but please keep in mind we’re sacrificing 30 feet to gain 150 feet of brand, spanking new bouldering. You’ve seen the 3D plans and we know you guys are just as stoked for the extra square footage as we are. This is just one more step closer to all those sweet new features! In the next few weeks, we’ll increase the density of problems in the remaining sections of the cave to give you as much bouldering as possible.

cave-closure-2.jpgWe regret the inconvenience this closure may present to our community and members and appreciate your patience during the expansion. We expect the disruptions in the existing cave area to continue through September.

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding.