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2010 Shared Summits Makalu Expedition

The 2010 Shared Summits Makalu Expedition is on it’s way. Read the blog, see the pictures and watch the videos on

The World’s 5th Highest Mountain

(8,485 meters – 27,838 feet )

Makalu, the “Great Black”, has been summited 323 times: only 13 times by Americans. The last time a new route was completed on Makalu was in 1997. It isn’t that Makalu is totally ignored, it is really hard. Almost every ascent is made by the French Route on the North Western side. Like most 8000 meter climbs, it is accomplished with the help of Sherpas, bottled Oxygen and big teams.

Our plan is to attempt to climb a new route on this giant peak. Our team is small, just two climbers. Chris Warner and Marty Schmidt are among the leading American 8000 meter climbers, with over 40 years of experience in the Himalaya, and over 55 years of exploring the world’s mountains.

Meet the Makalu team

Roc Comp Results

Results for Citizen’s Comp, Friday April 23, 2010

  • Mens Citizens Results – Updated 042410
  • womens_citizens
  • ccs_scores
    REMINDER: If you were a 1st-5th place finisher in the Citizen’s Comp and have not picked up your prize & medal, you may either pick it up at the Columbia gym or we can make arrangements to have it available for pick up at either Timonium or Rockville. Email christina at earthtreksclimbing dot com if you have any questions.

Results for Pro Qualifying Red-Point Round, Friday April 23, 2010

Results for Semi Finals, Saturday April 24, 2010

Results for Finals, Saturday April 24, 2010

Wall Stripping and Re-Setting Schedule

Over the next two weeks, the Columbia and Timonium facilities will undergo re-surfacing and re-setting to the walls in preparation for the Roc Comp on April 23 & 24. Columbia – Bouldering area will be stripped on Sunday 4-18-10, the outer TR wall on Tuesday 4-20-10. 2 sections on the pump wall, 1 section on the slab (expansion side) and 1 section on the alcove wall (expansion side) will be stripped sometime during the week before the event. Several large sections on the inner walls will be untouched and available for climbing, leading up to the event.

Timonium – The lead wall was stripped Sunday 4-11-10 and will be resurfaced/repainted over the next week. It will be reset after the comp. The parts of the cave that have already been resurfaced will be stripped/reset on Sunday 4-18-10. The other sections of the cave that have not been resurfaced were stripped 4-11-10 and will be resurfaced/repainted along with the lead wall this week.

We know that with every event we host, it puts a strain on our faithful members and we appreciate all of your patience and understanding. On the bright side, think of all the amazing post-comp problems set by the most talented setters around and a herd of rock-stars hanging out in YOUR home gym!!