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Earth Treks 15th annual Ice Nite is coming in early December. Come meet Earth Treks’ Ice Climbing Guides and “dry tool” the climbing walls with ice tools. Read more here>

Hook your way up climbing holds and take swings at synthetic ice as you make your ascent.  Learn more about Earth Treks’ popular Introduction to Ice Climbing Seminars in the famous Adirondacks of NY.

2013 Ice Nite Dates

  • Columbia: December 8, 6-8pm
  • Timonium: December 9, 7-9pm
  • Rockville: December 11, 7-9pm

Oh yeah and it’s all FREE!

To register for Ice Nite click HERE

FREE Members Only Clinics!- Check out the upcoming schedule for December!

FREE Members Only Clinics! Check out the upcoming schedule for December!

Member Clinics are FREE to Earth Treks’ annual members! Clinics marked with an asterisk ( * ) have a limited number of spaces available and pre-registration is recommended (required for some clinics). Call the gym to pre-register.

You can now view the Member Clinic schedule for each Climbing Center by going to the Member Clinics page!

Climbing with Kids

Climbing with Kids

Climbing is a pretty intense sport and those who love it, will always love it way beyond their means. And nothing stops them from going climbing, not even kids. Besides, climbing is a great teacher of teamwork, decision-making and managing fear. The level of commitment required for climbing teaches kids patience and sometimes the ability to let go. It also helps kids appreciate the nature.

While for some children climbing comes naturally and they enjoy it, for some parents it’s not so easy. It’s a task to manage yourself and the kids when all you want to go do is climb and they don’t want to. So while we are on this, lets discuss some ways of handling the kids and making them have fun rock climbing.


Target smaller milestones

As an individual climber, you may be used to challenging yourself and setting higher milestones but when climbing with kids, target smaller milestones. You can set more milestones as you start gauging how much they can take. Rock climbing for kids can be a fun activity, but let’s save some of their energies for them to enjoy post the climb.

Carry all required gear

Climbing with kids is a tiring responsibility since they rely on you to make their major decisions for them. Make sure you carry all the essential gear like helmets and harnesses, without which you shouldn’t be letting your kids climb.  Another essential is kids climbing shoes as a proper climbing shoe with the sticky rubber will help them tackle difficult terrain.

Make it fun

If you strictly make it a teaching lesson, the kids are not going to learn how to enjoy climbing like you do with a passion. Make it fun. Let them compete. Let them set their own milestones and watch the happiness when they accomplish it. Don’t keep the entire trip just about climbing and let them let their hair down and goof around, as that’s exactly what they are supposed to be doing at that age!

Involve their friends and bigger groups

Climbing, as an activity is more enjoyable in bigger groups and what better than letting your kids have their own friends. The more, the merrier. Let them unwind and have their fun with their own friends while you get to gloat about being the cool parents who like fun stuff like rock climbing. Try indoor rock climbing or one of your kids’ birthdays, as at a natural rock climbing spot it will be difficult to take care of too many kids.

Carry their favorite food

Kids get cranky when they get hungry and that’s the last thing you need when you are climbing. Carry their favorite snacks and they’ll be happy. After all, who doesn’t like crisps after a long climb?

Now go, have fun.