How Rock Climbing can Help You Boost Your Mental Capabilities

Rock wall climbing is turning out to become one of the world’s fastest growing mainstream indoor sporting activities. Conventionally perceived to be a sport only for the adrenaline junkies; reliable instructions, training and modern day safety equipment has made the sport of enjoyable for people of all ages.
Depending on your personal comfort and level of ability, anyone can pursue this sport and reap its benefits. The advantages of climbing are summarized in three main areas:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Social

Let’s take a look at the mental benefits offered with rock wall climbing:

Decision-Making and Goal-Setting
Each indoor rock climbing route is like a puzzle in its own self. This takes significant patience and strategy. While climbing, you will be expected to set your goal and make spot decisions as in your path. Furthermore, you will be expected to commit to your decisions and follow through. This activity helps you in nurturing your ability to assess a problem, identify a viable solution and execute as the situation demands.

While beginners may choose to decide their route hold by hold, over a period of time, you will be able to look at the larger picture in front of you. Soon, the climber is able to visualize the entire route even before he or she grabs the first hold. With practice, you will able to build your planning and problem solving abilities.

Once the climber has established his or her abilities to strategize and set goals, the power of concentration and determination is naturally inculcated. With each decision that you make having an overall impact on your climb, you are forced to develop certain levels of concentration that eventually translate into your approach in the real world.

Finally, the mere knowledge of having accomplished something that seemed so impossible in the beginning is a great way to develop self-confidence. In addition to this, buildingself-awarenesswithin oneself adds to the confidence levels of a climber.
A great way to pursue comprehensive physical, mental and social development is by signing up with a climbing gym that allows you to pursue this sport all year round.