Enjoy a Memorable Rock Climbing Experience with the Right Safety Measures

You may attempt climbing with a group of people, but the experience on the way up is yours alone to enjoy. Nothing may be more satisfying than completing your climb successfully. However, there are dangers that you need to protect yourself against.

This may be done with the right rock climbing gear and training. Here are some pointers that may help:

Check your Harness: After you have strapped on all your gear, double check your climber as well as belayer harness buckles. These need to be secure and doubled backed. Always make the time to do this before you begin rock climbing.

Check Knots: Begin a check of knots with your lead climber and go through each member of the group. Ensure the tie-in knot with the leader is securely finished with a back-up knot. Thread ropes through the waist and leg loops of your harness. This has to be done for every member.

Wear a Climbing Helmet: Your safety measures are incomplete if you do not wear a climbing helmet. These will help protect your from falling rocks, accidents mid-climb, losing grip on the rope and hitting the rock surface, and more.

Check Both Rope and Belay Device: Your rope must be threaded through the belay device. Both of these must then be attached to the belayer’s harness loop with a locking carabiner.

Use a Long Rope: Before you begin your climb, always ensure that you have a rope that reaches to the anchors or to the belay edge. This is particularly on multi-pitch climbing routes. If at any point you are unsure of the length of the rope, tie a stopper knot to prevent dropping down to the ground suddenly.

Stay Alert: When belaying, the leader of the group carries a biggest risk of falling. It is important to pay attention to their movements and not be distracted by gadgets or by other climbers. Take the leader off a belay only when they call “Off Belay” and you are sure he/she is anchored in and is in a safe place.

Carry Sufficient Gear:A lways conduct a review of your climbing route to determine what gear you will need to carry. Never cut back or go by a rule book. If you feel something is necessary, carry it along, irrespective of what others might have to say. Climbing is a difficult sport but one that may be a source of a lot of fun if done in the right manner and with the right climbing equipment to support you. For information on climbing equipment provided by Earth Treks Climbing Centers Click Here