Living Social Redemption Instructuctions

Thank you for purchasing a Living Social voucher for our Introduction to Climbing course. If you have not registered for your course and wish to do so, here are a few frequently asked questions regarding the voucher redemption process:


  • Q: “How do I register for a class with my Living Social deal?”
  • A: Download your voucher from Living Social and follow the steps to register online. (Click here to go straight to the Introduction to Climbing course page).  Make sure you enter the coupon code, NOT your voucher number in the Coupon Code box during checkout.The coupon code is specific to our registration system and will zero out the balance during registration.


  • Q: “When do I have to register by?”
  • A: Check the voucher for expiration. The promotional value of $35 may expire on a set date (6 or 12 months from date of sale) but you have until that day to register for a class. So if you are out of town and can’t take the class until AFTER the expiration date, as long as you enroll online before the promotional value expires, you can complete the course at any point in the future.


  • Q: “Can I register more than one climber?”
  • A: Yes! During the registration process, simply change the drop down menu to indicate the number of climbers in your group.However, you still need to bring ALL of your individual vouchers with you on the night of the course.