Rockville Cave Closure


UPDATE 09/26/11:   In an effort to minimize the impact on our members, we’ve put this off as long as we could but the time has arrived! Construction on the new cave has reached the point that we are able to begin bridging the old side with the new side. The 30′ section highlighted in these photos will be removed this week, beginning Wednesday September 28th. Due to the construction , we will need to CLOSE the existing bouldering cave on Wednesday & Thursday. We will aim to re-open a portion of the cave on Friday, September 30th. Thank you for all of your patience!

UPDATE 08/29/11:  The 30 foot wide section on the left side of the bouldering cave that was scheduled to come down the last week of August has been delayed until later in September. This means you have a few more weeks of access to that section until the wall must come down and construction to bridge the old cave with the new cave begins. So take advantage of it while you still can!

Posted 08/08/11: As construction progresses, the time to open up the first pass through into the new side draws nearer. Towards the end of September, a roughly 30 foot wide section on the left side of the bouldering cave will be removed to allow the construction crew to begin bridging the new cave with the old.

We know 30 feet sounds like a lot, but please keep in mind we’re sacrificing 30 feet to gain 150 feet of brand, spanking new bouldering. You’ve seen the 3D plans and we know you guys are just as stoked for the extra square footage as we are. This is just one more step closer to all those sweet new features! In the next few weeks, we’ll increase the density of problems in the remaining sections of the cave to give you as much bouldering as possible.

cave-closure-2.jpgWe regret the inconvenience this closure may present to our community and members and appreciate your patience during the expansion. We expect the disruptions in the existing cave area to continue through September.

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding.