2011 Outdoor Season

It’s time to get outside and climb!

If you’re like us, you’re probably chomping at the bit to get outdoors and climb.  Well, the snow has melted away and the rock is warming up.  The rock season is officially here!  Whatever your climbing dreams are for 2011, Earth Treks can help you make them happen.  Visit our Outdoor School webpage for dates, details, and registration, or call us at (800) CLIMB-UP today.

Are you an indoor climber and looking to get on the real thing?

The sun warms your back, the challenges and adventures are never ending, and the view from the top is second to none. Earth Treks offers several great options for indoor climbers to gain the skills needed to climb outdoors.outdoor_1.jpg

Introduction to Rock Climbing $95 (Members save $10)

This introductory class focuses on fundamental skills and techniques. Participants will receive expert instruction on the proper use of harnesses, tying knots, belaying technique, rappelling and basic climbing skills. [ dates and course details ]

Intermediate Rock Climbing $95 (Members save $10)

Intermediate Rock Climbing is an excellent transition for indoor climbers and anyone who is serious about becoming a better climber. Belay skills are a pre-requisite. [ dates and course details ]

Top Rope Systems $95 (Members save $10)

Top Rope Systems seminars provide students with the technical knowledge needed to build and evaluate their own top rope set-ups. [ dates and course details ]

Gym 2 Crag Package Save $15 (Membes save $25)The Gym 2 Crag Package will prepare you to head to any crag with the knowledge and confidence to set up your own top rope system and climb with technique and finesse.  Courses are offered at Carderock, MD, and Great Falls, VA. [ package details ]

Package includes: Intermediate Rock Climbing and Top Rope Systems. All for only $175 (Members $165)!

Gym 2 Crag Roadtripsoutdoor_2.jpg

Earth Treks’ Gym 2 Crag Roadtrips are perfect for developing outdoor climbers and indoor climbers who are ready to get on the real thing. Join Earth Treks for two exciting, educational days of top-rope climbing at Coopers Rock, WV. This course is perfectly matched to the indoor climber (or a climber with limited outdoor experience) who is looking for the skills to climb outdoors. [ dates and course details ]

Top Rope Systems 2

Top Rope Systems 2 will teach you how to rig anchors to facilitate top belays and give you plenty of practice top belaying. Skills such as lowering and assisting climbers who can’t make the moves or are too tired to finish the climb will be covered. [ dates and course details ]

Register ONLINE today or call (800) CLIMB-UP!

See you at the Crag.