Climb this Winter

Climb this Winter – Climb Higher!

If you are one of those adrenalin junkies, you must already be having your climbing plans this winter, but even if you aren’t, you should definitely plan a cold adventure. Sub-zero temperature can be more fun than the summer heat.

Climbing is an activity that signifies freedom and space and helps us forget our daily worries to concentrate on surviving the climb. It helps sharpen our brain and is known to help in problem-solving. Besides, it is a very sociable activity. It doesn’t hurt to make some new friends while also maintaining your health now, does it?

So, if you are planning on taking a climbing trip with your friends this season, here are a few winter climbing tips you should be keeping in mind –

  • Research Well – A little research never hurts anyone. It will help you be prepared for the climb.
  • Understand the Weather – Winters differ from place to place. While you may have experienced it in a certain country, another country could be exactly the opposite.
  • Know your Gear – Make sure you know everything from your ATC to your crampons, as you will need all the expertise possible while actually climbing in winter.
  • Wear Gloves – While climbing during the winter, your hands are most susceptible to cold, so make sure you carry extra gloves.
  • Carry a Camera – After all the effort, make sure you capture your moment of glory.

While we are on Introduction to Rock Climbing, let’s also cover one very important thing about climbing during winter, that is, to keep yourself warm. While dressing for the cold is one thing, the clothes should allow you to be able to climb. Here’s how to keep yourself warm –

  1. Layer up – Layering creates a buffer between two items of clothing, makingit difficult for the cold to get to you.
  2. Manage layers andavoid sweating  Monitor yourself through the climb. Know when to take off your layers of clothes and when to put them on. It’s very important to be comfortable throughout the climb.
  3. Protect your feet– For a lot of people, cold passes the fastest through the feet. If your feet get numb, it can be pretty difficult to keep climbing. Buy a good pair of climbing boots as they will be one of your most important assets for winter climbing.

If you have these things ready, the snow-clad hills are calling you. Get going!