Tips to Improve Your Bouldering Techniques

Tips to Improve Your Bouldering Techniques

Feel the adrenaline rush while embracing the bare rocks as you climb your way up on the boulders. Bouldering is climbing up mountains or boulders with basic climbing equipment. It is considered the rawest form of adventure sports and also one of the most challenging ones. Here are some tips to improve your bouldering techniques:


Start with Warm Up 

One important task to be done irrespective of whether you are an amateur or an experienced climber before you start climbing is to warm up. It will enable you climb with ease and avoid any injuries.Get your pulse rate higher by jogging or cycling to get your blood circulating throughout your body before boulder climbing. Then stretch well to loosen each and every joint and muscle of your body. A good warm up session will help you climb at your best and try out new routes without hurting yourself.


Improve Mental Skills 

To make your climb easy and successful, experts suggest that one should mentally plan the route and the problems in head. Looking at the hold and planning a sequence in advance will help you in decide what moves and bouldering techniques you could use. Trying to figure out a sequence while climbing can drain you off your energy and time.


Know a Variety of Moves and Tactics

Do your homework and learn the moves and tactics for different handholds and edges. Keep in mind your strengths and weakness to know which technique suits you the best and lets you climb easily. Using the same moves will make your body wear out quickly while rock climbing.Get Creative – Creating your own route or problems is a great way to improve your rock climbing skills. This is especially helpful when you have a limited number of options for climbing. The same climb each time will make you habitual to only certain moves, hence, limiting your skills as a climber. To overcome this, you can always create you own set of problems using the edges and holds of the existing set to help you widen your abilities.


Observe Other Climbers

 Observing other climbers is very beneficial especially when they are climbing routes that you find difficult. This will help you look at the problem from a different perspective and help you do it better. You can also learn various moves and tactics too while watching others climb. It is the key especially when you are still a part of the bouldering training session. Observation is a good exercise for beginners as well as the pros to sharpen their skills and get better at climbing.


Follow these tips to have a satisfying climb. Try out various walls indoors and       outdoors to improve your climbing skills. However, make sure you follow all the    safety regulations to make bouldering a better experience for you and everyone    around you.

Fundamentals of Boulder Climbing - Earth Treks Climbing