Top Rope Systems 2

When the water gets too high at Great Falls or you want to climb more than a hundred feet at a top rope site, you will need to belay from the top of the cliff.  Earth Treks’ Top Rope Systems 2 course will teach you how to rig anchors to facilitate top belays and give you plenty of practice top belaying.  Basic Rescue skills including belay escapes, hauling systems, lowering and assisting climbers who can’t make the moves or are too tired to finish the climb will be covered in this course.

Dates: Stay tuned for 2018 dates
Price: $125
Member Price:$100
Ages: 13+
Location: Great Falls, VA

Participants should have the following equipment:

  • Climbing Shoes.
  • Harness with a belay / rappel loop and gear loops.
  • Belay Device. A tube type belay device like an ATC at minimum, preferably a Petzl Reverso or Black Diamond ATC Guide.
  • 4-5 locking carabiners, two of which should be HMS/Pear shaped lockers
  • 4-5 non-locking carabiners
  • Two cordelettes made from 20-22 feet sections of either 5.5 to 6mm high strength tech cord (such as Sterling Pro Cord) or 7mm accessory cord tied into loops
  • Two sections of 6mm accessory cord 4 feet long (for autobloks/prussik)
  • 2 high strength 48″ sewn runners (double length runners)
  • Nut tool (recommended but optional)


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Are You New To Rigging Ropes?

Before you take Top Rope Systems 2, learn the basics of top rope anchoring.

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