Take A Break From The Wall

Take advantage of our additional fitness offerings that help strengthen your body and mind. We offer a variety of drop-in fitness classes designed to deliver a challenging functional fitness workout, enhance your climbing lifestyle and education!

The Burn

A 30-minute, high intensity, full body, functional fitness workout.

Core Burn 

Core is crucial. Finish your climbing session with a 30-minute core-strengthening class.

Training for Climbing

An hour-long group training and coaching session with personal trainer, Kim Tellez. Each class incorporates a combination of movement coaching, on-the-wall workouts, strength and conditioning, as well as mental training and send-tactics. $5 in addition to the entrance fee.


Class size is limited, please register day-of by:

Fitness classes, except for Training for Climbing, are included in the cost of all entrance fees (membership, day pass, etc). Please see the class listings and current schedule below. Fitness and yoga classes are open to customers ages 13 and up.

Upcoming Fitness Courses

Mountain Prep: Ski + Snowboard

Instructor: Chris Swindell
Date: Monday, Wendsay, Friday  October 21 - December 20
Time: 6:15am - 7:15am
Price: $240 For 8 Week Program

Description: Get your legs ready to shred the upcoming ski season. This 8 week course will focus on strength, conditioning, and injury prevention for enhanced performance for skiing both up and down the mountain. This program follows a calculated progression through the 8 weeks, which means you'll gain ski-specific strength and fitness quicker.

The course fee encompasses the entire 8 week course. No drop-ins accepted. Max of 6 participants

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