Are your kids climbing
the walls?

Great! Start your young adventure-seekers out on the right (then left) foot

Open Climb

A comfortable way for your family to start climbing—get three climbs, a harness rental and an Earth Treks instructor to lead your climbing experience.

You don’t need reservations, just come to one of our gyms on a Saturday or Sunday. Three climbs will give you a great taste of climbing, but if you enjoyed them so much you want to try more that day, they’re just $5 each. It’s that simple!  Please note, extra climbs may not be available during peak hours.

Dates and Times: 9:00am-5:00pm Saturday and Sunday
Special Holiday Hours:
January 1-January 4: 12-4pm
Price:$22 Per Climber
Ages: 5 +
Equipment: Harness Included

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Friday Night Rox

Get a night out on the town while the kids are enjoying vertical games, age-appropriate coaching and tons of climbing—all under the supervision of our qualified instructors. Advanced registration required. No experience necessary!

Price: $29
Member Price: $19
Ages: Ages 6-12
Equipment: Included

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Dare to party different - book a rock climbing birthday party!

Family Introduction to Climbing: Belay Lesson

A family that climbs together, laughs together! Experience the adventures of rock climbing together. This class is specifically designed for adults that are interested in getting their children involved in climbing and wish to help them with their journey. No experience is necessary.

Put your new skills to use by upgrading to the Belay Lesson+. Get gym access and free rentals for 15 consecutive days for $25. Also, receive half off the start-up fee when you sign up for a membership!

Ages: 6 + and adults. Adults must book with 1 to 3 children.
Equipment: Included
Member Price: Free
Non-Member Price: $30

Information and Booking

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Junior Climbing Club


Grow your child’s confidence and climbing ability while they play, laugh and become fast friends in this four-week, after-school climbing adventure.This club is brimming with  fun-filled activities tailored specifically to improve self-esteem, social skills and kinesthetic development while also introducing climbing and safety skills. No experience necessary!

Dates and Times: 4-6pm on Tuesdays; 1-2:30pm on Sundays
Season: September-May
Ages: 6-9
Equipment: Included

Member Price: $69 (per 4-week session)
Non-Member Price: $89 (per 4-week session)

Information and Booking


Recreational Climbing Club


Help your child develop their skills in our non-competitive climbing club. Participants will learn belay and knot skills as well as movement and problem-solving techniques all in a fun and super social environment. Rec Club is an ongoing after-school club that meets from September through May. 

Dates and Times: TBA
Season: September-May
Ages: 9-13
Equipment: Included
Prerequisites: Junior Climbing Club , Summer Camp, Friday Night Rox, or equivalent experience.

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Teen Climbing Club


Teen Climbing Club gives participants the opportunity to climb with Earth Treks instructors in a fun and challenging environment. Teens will learn the technical skills of belaying and tying into the rope, as well as the movement and problem-solving skills needed in top rope climbing and bouldering.

Dates and Times: TBA
Season:  September - May
Ages: 13-17
Prerequisites: Recreational Climbing Club, Summer Camp, Friday Night Rox or equivalent experience.

Questions? 800-CLIMB-UP