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Take advantage of our additional fitness offerings that help strengthen your body and mind. We offer a variety of drop-in fitness classes designed to deliver a challenging functional fitness workout, enhance your climbing lifestyle and education!

Strength Burn

This session focuses on building strength via a mix of traditional and new strength building equipment, such as dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, TRX and pull-up bars. Members can expect to build strength and be coached on proper form in these sessions.

HIIT Burn 

In this session, you'll get an intense, interval training workout with a variety of exercises and equipment, such as medicine balls, TRX, battle rope, plyo boxes, pull-up bars, and jump ropes.

Endurance Burn

This session is about nonstop work through the use of an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workout. Members can expect to build strength endurance while cycling through a series of uninterrupted exercises.

Stability Burn

This session is about building strength and stability in the core and major joints. Members will perform exercises that will help them better stabalize their body and help prevent injury.


Get all the benefits of yoga without the yoga setting. This session is for those who have or want to prevent postural and joint-based problems. Members will use equipment that will increase flexibility and strength, and mobilize joints.


Class size is limited, please register day-of by:

Fitness classes, except for Training for Climbing, are included in the cost of all entrance fees (membership, day pass, etc). Please see the class listings and current schedule below. Fitness and yoga classes are open to customers ages 13 and up.

Upcoming Fitness Courses

Barbell Clinics: The Squat

Come learn about the "Power Corner" of your new gym. This hour-long, members-only class will start with safety, hand placement, foot placement, breath, posture and biomechanics. Then the class will dive into practical application, with warm-up best practices and lifting for performance. Stop at the front desk to register on the day of the clinic.

Instructor: Tim Murray
December 17
Time: 6-7pm + 7-8pm
Member Price: FREE

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