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Each of our yoga classes is specifically designed to fire up your strength, reset your mind and restore your energy.  Yoga classes are taught by some of the best yoga instructors in the area and tailored to fit every experience level.

  • Yoga classes are FREE for members and day passes.
  • Space is limited, first come first serve
  • Participants must be ages 13+

All Levels Vinyasa

Vinyasa focuses on integrating breath and movement through steady and fluid asana sequences called vinyasa. It can be both dynamic (flowing from pose to pose, as in sun salutations) and static (holding poses and refining the breath while being steady and stable). There’s something for everyone in a vinyasa flow class!

Flow and Restore

Unwind from your day as you move fluidly through poses to relieve tension in the mind and body. This class incorporates deeper stretching and restorative postures held longer to increase relaxation and muscle recovery.

Intermediate Vinyasa

Breath work, moderate to difficult poses and arm balances are sequenced together to create a flowing form of yoga. Find your edge and challenge your limits in this uplifting class!

Acro Yoga

AcroYoga is a fun and uplifting practice that can be both fun and challenging, plus it complements your climbing routine. AcroYoga combines the playfulness of partner acrobatics with the mindfulness of yoga, and the creativity of dance. Working in partnership with others, the practice builds trust, communication, connection, flexibility and strength. This class is open to all levels and no partner is required.

Upcoming Workshops

Straight Up Inversions

Instructor:Patrick McCleaf
Date: Sunday, February 2
Time: 12-2pm
Price: $35
Member Price: $19

Description: Let's get upside down! In this two hour session, we'll explore variations of our favorite inversions and arm balances such as headstand, forearm balance, handstand, and crow postures. We'll share our most effective techniques for beginning an inversion practice, as well as spice it up with fun variations and advanced technique. This class is appropriate for all levels of practice--there's something for everyone! Leave feeling confident in advancing your practice and inspired to take it to the next level.

Registration Coming Soon!

Thai Bodywork for Climbers

Instructor: Kimber Brenneman
Date: Saturday, February 16
Time: 4-6pm
Price: $35
Member Price: $19

Description: Ever find yourself feeling burnt out, body achy, and neglecting your own self care? Thai Bodywork guides the physical body to therapeutically stretch, increases range of motion and engages the breath to stimulate circulation allowing the body to refresh. This holistic practice is designed to bring the body, mind and spirit back to balance and ignite the body’s natural abilities to heal. Thai Bodywork is an excellent complement to any exercise routine and available to a wide range of ages and abilities. We’ll focus on key postures to smooth out stuck fascia in our stickiest climbing places. You can expect to feel more connected with your body, heart, and mind as well as restored by the end of this 2-hour exploration. Dress in loose clothing and bring layers. Come with a friend or come alone.

Registration Coming Soon!

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