SCS Local Youth Comp April 18th 2015

Earth Treks Golden is excited to host an SCS Local Youth Competition on April 18, 2015. This sport climbing comp is open to both USAC and non-USAC members born in 1996 or later.

WHEN:  April 18, 2015

Check-In Opens: 8am (youth Jr, A and B categories); 8:30am (youth C and D categories)
Competitor Meeting: 9:15am
Climbing: 9:30am-1:30pm
Awards: 1:30pm

Earth Treks Golden

$45 (USAC Members)
$50 (Non-USAC Members)

Registration has been closed due to the cap of 150 climbers being reached. Unfortunately we are unable to accept any more competitors and the wait list is full. We are however still seeking volunteers.  Please see below.


All climbers must be born in 1996 or later.

Standard local red point format.

In addition to Earth Treks Golden’s parking lot, there is additional parking available on the street and next door at Panorama Orthopedics Center.

Wong Way Veg food truck will be available from 9am until the end of the comp (or when food runs out). Also, 5 Star Baking Co will have a table on site with gluten free baked goods for sale.

The following areas will be closed on Saturday April 18th for Climbers Competing in the SCS Comp:  **The South Facing Boulders will be available for Spectators.**

+ The Hatchet (outside half)
+ The Spire (facing instructional rooms
& facing party rooms)
+ The Arch (outside half)
+ The Nautilus/Hurricane Wall
(facing party room)
+ The Yin Yang Arete
+ The Speed Wall
Click HERE for photos of closed areas .

We will need volunteers for this comp. If you would like to help out with judging, check-in, score keeping, belaying, etc., please complete the form below. Please indicate your availability from 8:00am-1:30pm. Please indicate if you have completed your belay safety check at Earth Treks. All belay safety checks and waiver forms should be complete prior to April 18th. We will not be doing belay checks on the day of competition.

Volunteers will receive:

  • Voucher for 15% off an ET retail purchase.
  • 1 free guest pass for members and 1 free day pass for non-members to be added to accounts for future use. *Passes cannot be used on the day of competition.
  • Coffee, doughnuts and bagels in the morning, and pizza in the afternoon.
  • After the comp, stay and try out the new routes for free.

Volunteers Needed - Complete to Contact Volunteer Coordinator




Results for Mardi Gras Flash Comp are in!

Thanks again for coming out for Mardi Gras. Below is a list of the podium per category. You can also view the PDF below with detailed scores!

Mardi Gras Flash Comp Scores 


1st – Alex Manikowski
2nd – Ethan Chase
3rd – Ben Spannuth
1st – Ryan Nelson
2nd – Steve Mullins
3rd – Nate Moore
1st- Thomas Groom
2nd – Shawn Martinek

3rd – Quinn Spodefora
1st – Matt Karam
2nd – Harrison Torrence
3rd – Michael LyonsWOMEN’SOPEN
1st- Sarah Moore
2nd – Jung Yang
3rd – Tiffany Murphy
1st – Alison Spatz
2nd – Janell Nicholas
3rd – Susan Lambert
1st – JoAnn Liu
2nd – Kristin Rabosky
3rd – Kendra Johnson
1st – Rayne Delutis
2nd – Sara Debol
3rd – Kate Richardson

Special thank-yous to: Cannonball Creek Brewery, Cilantro Food Truck and of course our sponsors….
Black Diamond
Five Ten
Organic Climbing
Outdoor Research

Interview with Mohammad Jafari and Will Anglin about their participation at the 2015 ABS National Championships

  • ABS-Adult-National-Championships-2015-Mohammad-and-Will_004

  • 2015-02-09 02.00.31 pm

  • 2015-02-09 02.00.59 pm

  • 2015-02-09 02.01.34 pm

  • 2015-02-09 02.00.10 pm

  • ABS-Adult-National-Championships-2015-Mohammad-and-Will_005_web

On February 6th and 7th, 2015 we had the pleasure of sponsoring Earth Treks Golden Climbing Team Coach/Routsetter: Will Anglin and Earth Treks Golden Member/Climber Mohammad Jafari.

Both Will and Mohammad made it to Semi Finals where Will placed 17th…that’s right! In the top 20!!! Mohammad moved on to finals and on Saturday evening, after a exciting and amazing performance by all the competitors at the ABS National Championships, Mohammad was announced the overall winner in the men’s category. Alex Puccio with the Gold (in Women’s category) and Daniels Woods with the Silver (in Men’s category) won their 9th ABS Nationals Championship title. Because Mohammad is an Iranian citizen, Daniel Woods took the U.S. title.

Several of you might be asking who is Mohammad, where did he come from?  How was it for Will to compete? We sat down with Will and Mohammad this morning at our Earth Treks Golden location and had a chat with these two guys to get a little insight!  Check it out!

2015-02-09 02.02.23 pmMohammad Jafari Mahmodabadi -INTERVIEW

1. How old are you?  31

2. Where are you from? Kerman, Iran

3. When did you start climbing? I started climbing when I was 16. I spent 6 years as a professional on the Iranian National Team. When I attended University I earned my Bachelors Degree in Physical Education and was not able to climb as much. My wife and I moved to Golden in the Fall of 2014 and I was able to start climbing and training again at Earth Treks.

4. How many international competitions have you competed in? Since 2002 I’ve climbed in many international competitions and finished on the podium in more than 15 competitions counting ABS Nationals. Most were in Iran, however some were in other Asian countries.

5. How long are you in the states/What are you here for? Wife is in a PHD program, so I will be here for 5 years.

6. Regarding the ABS Nationals how did it compare to other comps you’ve been in? The rules for ABS are very different than the IFSC rules. It was difficult to know what my ranking was throughout the competition. The problems were also longer and more powerful than what I am used to from IFSC competitions.

7. What was your goal when you entered Nationals? My goal is always to win.
8. What are your future climbing plans? I like sport climbing and plan to attend the SCS Nationals, and I hope to represent Iran in the Vail World Cup.

9. How will you prepare for the World Cup in Vail? I will focus mainly on increasing my dynamic ability and power. I will also work on pinch and sloper strength.

10. Is there anything you’d like to say to the climbing community? For me, winning championships comes second. The thing that is most important to me is being able to travel and build relationships with climbers and people from all over the world.


2015-02-09 02.00.31 pmWill Anglin - INTERVIEW

1. How old are you?  25

2. Where are you from? Golden, Colorado (previously Sykesville, Maryland

3. When did you start climbing? I started climbing when I was 13 years old as a part of the Earth Treks Climbing Team in Columbia, Maryland.

4. What is your job at Earth Treks? I’ve worked in some capacity for Earth Treks since 2005, but I work now as Head Coach for our youth teams as well as a Personal Climbing Trainer and Routesetter at our new Golden, Colorado facility.

5. What is your competition history? I competed in ABS for a few years when I was younger. Back then there was no USA Climbing and I just entered Open and had a good time. I’ve competed in a few local competitions over the years, but this is the first time I have attended ABS Nationals as a competitor.

6. What was your goal for ABS Nationals this year? Since this was my first Nationals I approached it pretty light heartedly. I honestly didn’t know I was going until a few weeks before so I didn’t necessarily train for the comp. I have been training general things like finger strength and such, but that isn’t necessarily what is being tested at these competitions. My main goal was to get a feel for this level of competition and expose myself to its different stressors. As a coach I realized it had been so long since I had competed that I was finding it hard to relate to the mental stress of the competitors on my team. I feel like participating in the event has better equipped me to coach for it next year.

7. Any future competition or climbing plans? I had such a good time at the comp, I’ll definitely be there again next year. Other than that I am focused back on my outdoor objectives. Training resumes NOW!
8. How will you prepare for ABS Nationals next year? I definitely need to work on my jumping and my power abilities. Other than that my biggest weakness is intensity. I’m too relaxed. I need to be more like Mohammad. That guy brings the intensity and tries HARD! I am fortunate to have the opportunity to keep learning from him.

9. You’ve been climbing in the gym with Mohammad since the Fall, did you expect he would win ABS Nationals? I honestly didn’t know what to expect. He is a very talented and experienced competitor and he has a focus and intensity on the wall that very few people can muster. I certainly thought he would do well, but I thought the U.S. setting style would give him more trouble than it did. The competitions in the states are very different than the international competitions, but he adjusted well. He’ll be focusing more on his power now and it won’t be too long before that is no longer a weakness. I know he will continue to be a top contender at whichever competitions he chooses to enter. Watch out for this guy!



Member Boulder Series starts February 4 through March 11

(February 4 – March 11)

What is it?
This is a 6 Week Bouldering Series open to members that want to climb, mingle, meet other awesome ET members!

How does it work?
Fantastic way to meet people, and encourage friendly competition! The first week will determine ability levels, and the 2nd week people of varying abilities will be placed on a team. Every week Earth Treks setters will set new boulder problems specifically for the series. Participants will attempt all these problems, each hold having a point.

When is it?
Wednesdays  |  6:00 pm –  8:00 pm

Who can participate?
Earth Treks Members



Pre-registration is required. Limited to 40 spots. Register at the front desk.

Boulder Series 2015 Golden_Feb-Mar_FINAL


Mental Training Clinic – January, 31- 11am to 3pm -Register at Front Desk

Mental Training Clinic
Learn to Climb Mindfully – The Vertical Mind Way

On Saturday January 31st from 11am to 3pm, Don McGrath, author of Vertical Mind will be giving a hands-on mental training clinic for climbers. The clinic is aimed at climbers who want to improve their climbing, specifically their mental game.

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn concepts from psychology and apply them to climbing using drills and exercises. Participants can expect these benefits.


  • improved climbing through better mental control
  • better ability to stay calm when required
  • better ability to get amped up when required
  • better ability to stay in the moment when climbing
  • reduced anxiety prior to and during climbing
  • find flow in climbing

Registration details:
Date: Saturday January 31
Time 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Place: Earth Treks  (Register at front desk – Class is limited to 10 spots)
Price: $97.00

Participants also get
+ Free copy of Vertical Mind audio book ($25 value)
+ Free one-on-one training consult ($50 value)

Vertical Mind Clinic

Warriors Way with Arno Ilgner – February 25th

Earth Treks is thrilled to be hosting Arno Ilgner on February 25, 2015 for his popular Warrior’s Way Clinic.

  • Dates & Times:  February 25, 2015 5:30-10pm
  • Cost: $119 ($99 for Members)
  • Registration:  Register online via the calendar.

If you missed last years session this is your chance to take the clinic. Here are some comments from last years attendees!

“This was GREAT. It is refreshing to be around climbers who are safe and practice skills like falling, breathing, etc systematically. I really feel like this is the most practical way to improve a person’s climbing and I’m so excited to implement this in my climbing regimen. Thank you so much!!!” –Cristina (Earth Treks, Golden, CO)

“Focusing on breathing made an immediate improvement! I wish I had taken this years ago; it would have helped present bad habits.” –Michael (Earth Treks, Golden, CO)

Warriors Way - Arno Ilgner - February 2015 Colorado


Climbing Mountains to Fight Cancer – Livestrong / Survivor Summit

Climbing Mountains to Fight Cancer
For the last few years Earth Treks has been partnering with Livestrong and Survivor Summit!

“Survivor Summit is a LIVESTRONG partnered event that exists to provide inspiration, motivation and hope for those among us facing uphill battles.”   The Mission of the Survivor Summit Foundation is to lead cancer survivors and their supporters on life altering journeys, inspiring them and the community at large to challenge the mental and physical boundaries associated with cancer.  You can visit to learn more about the Kilimanjaro Expedition.

On December 4th, the documentary, “Conquering Kilimanjaro,” ( produced by Growing Bolder premiered in Orlando. This documentary follows 16 Cancer Survivors and community advocates while they attempt to climb Kilimanjaro. With a successful summit this really is a truly inspiring and touching documentary.  Earth Treks’ CEO Chris Warner and long time guide Nelson Laur, led this expedition, which placed 100% of the climbers on the summit.

Chris Warner and other guides will be leading the 3rd Survivor Summit Kili Climb for Livestrong in late January 2015.

Check out the story on the premier of Conquering Kilimanjaro in Orlando on Thursday, December 3, 2014 below…