Cancel Membership

Cancel Membership

  • We hate to see you go, but if you must cancel don't worry it's easy! All memberships renew automatically on a month to month basis, but you can cancel anytime by giving us at least five days notice prior to the applicable billing date (1st of the month).

    To cancel your membership account complete the form below. All requests will be responded to via email or phone within three business days. If you have not received this response, Earth Treks has not yet received or processed your request. You may also call Membership Coordinator, Dayle Spotte, at 410-872-0060 ext.406. Be aware that any balances on the account will be processed for payment at the time the cancellation is processed.

    Note: If you would like to add or remove a family member from a Familly Membership Account please visit our Add / Drop family member page.

    Unsure about your cancellation or think you might rejoin in the future? Remember, you can always freeze your account for up to three months per year and save having to pay the start up fee again when you rejoin. If you do cancel and choose to restart your membership in the future, no problem, but please be aware that you'll need to start up a new month to month agreement and pay the current start up fee and monthly dues rate.