Team Results & News

Regionals Weekend Training Camp
We will be running a Regionals Training Camp on May 7th & 8th from 9:00am-4:00pm for those who would like to have some extra competition climbing practice/preparation. This will be a very beneficial experience for any climbers looking to compete at Regionals this year. The curriculum will include a mock onsight competition with the many elements that are specific to a Regional level comp. Below is some of what we will cover:

  • Scoring and comp format review
  • Warm-up in Bouldering area (ISO)
  • Climbing on-sight routes
  • Redpoint tries on earlier routes
  • Discussions on the following:
    • onsight burn
    • Iso issues
    • Why did you fall?
    • What would you change?
    • How we can use this camp to help
    • Practice like you play
    • Route-setting tricks that help you read sequences
    • “Trying 100% then forgetting and moving on (mentally) to the next route. You can’t change the past… let it go.  If you give 100% you have no regrets.”
    • Consistency
    • Develop good habits now
    • Relax
    • What works for you?
    • Breath/Rhythm/Pacing
    • Dealing with adverse conditions
    • Confidence
  • Where:Earth Treks Golden
  • When:May 7th and May 8th 9am-4pm daily
  • Cost – $150 members / $175 non-members

This course is dependent on sufficient enrollment. If there is insufficient enrollment, we will cancel the class and issue full refunds on April 28th. Please register early to help us with planning.

*Bring a box lunch for day 1; we will provide a pizza lunch for day 2

Click to Register for Regionals Weekend Training Camp


Morrison Bouldering Day Trip April 23, 2016

On April 23rd, we are offering an outdoor bouldering day trip to Morrison. The bouldering in Morrison is an excellent climbing resource. Over the past two years, the Earth Treks Climbing Team has supported efforts to clean and maintain this sandstone bouldering area. Now that the trail work is complete, we would like to invite everyone out for an afternoon of bouldering with the coaches. A parent or designated chaperone will be responsible for transportation and supervision of each athlete during this day trip. Earth Trek’s Coaches will meet you and your child in the Soda Lakes parking area for an amazing day of outdoor bouldering.

Preregistration is required for this program. Check out the details and link for registration below:

Click to Register for the Climbing Team Day Trip to Morrison

What: Climbing Team outdoor bouldering day with the coaches

Where: Morrison South Side (Soda Lakes parking)

Soda Lakes Road Parking

When: April 23, 2016 from 10:00am-3:00pm

Cost: $25 per team member

Paperwork:  Each participant must have Earth Treks’ waiver and medical form completed and signed by their parent or court appointed legal guardian prior to participation.  A fresh waiver is required and the online waivers are not accepted for outdoor events, so please bring completed hard copies.  JeffCo also requires the completion of a waiver as well.

Prerequisites: Open to current climbing Team members. Each participant must be accompanied by a parent or designated chaperone. 

What to bring:

  • Required paperwork
  • Plenty of water
  • Food
  • Sun protection
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Hiking/tennis shoes
  • Climbing shoes
  • Chalk
  • Brush
  • Crash Pad – if you have one (Rowland and Will are bringing 5)

Inclement Weather and Cancellation Policy: This trip is dependent on good weather and sufficient enrollment. If the forecast is for inclement weather, we will cancel the trip on Thursday, April 21st and issue full refunds. If there is insufficient enrollment, we will cancel the trip and issue full refunds on April 14th. Please register early to help us with planning.


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Team Tryout Results (fall 2015)

Earth Treks Golden held its’ Youth Climbing Team Tryouts on August 13th and August 20th. Below are the results for the fall 2015/spring 2016 season teams. Thank you very much to everyone who participated!  Following are invites to Intermediate Climbing Team, Advanced Climbing Team and Team Earth Treks.  If your child is not listed on one of the competitive teams below, they may be interested in our Recreational Climbing Club program which has new sessions starting the second week of September. To guarantee your spot on the team, all invitations must be accepted via online registration no later than Tuesday, August 25th.  

To accept an invite and register your child for team…

  1. Carefully review the Parent Handbook and Team Code of Conduct.
  2. Complete the online Team Registration and Billing Agreement.
  3. Parents must attend a MANDATORY meeting on the first night of practice at 4:30 for Team ET and Advanced Team and 4:00 for the Intermediate Team . We will try to keep it brief (about 15 minutes). 
Advanced Team Team Earth Treks Intermediate Team
 Chloe Alspaugh  Zach Bain  Megan Allin
 Brooklee Baybeck  Mackenzie Bay  Molly Babitz
 Noah Dede  William Bennett  Hudson Boles
 Ceri Evans  Ian Center  Ethan Hesse
 James Hickenbottom  Sophia Cook  Macie McIlvain
 Jake Milano  Ceci Davies  Wilson Schultz
 Dominique Nicholas  Jordan Fishman  Nathan Todd
 Hannah Pedersen  Keenan Griscom
 Emma Price  Hagen Hall
 Grace Ryan  Maddie Larson
 Anissa Shull  Colin Meyer
 Kaedyn Woodard  Carson Shea
 Shea Wright  Josh Sperry