Getting Started

ET Golden Instruction

Interested in learning about indoor climbing but don’t know where to start? Fortunately, learning to climb is easy at Earth Treks. Our mission is to “Share our passion for climbing“, so you can be assured your climbing experience with Earth Treks will be fun and educational and taught in a supportive environment. Introductory classes and services are available for both youth and adults. See below for popular ways to get started by age group.

Open Climb (Kids Ages 5+ and Adults)

While we highly recommend an instructional program to get started, some folks just want to be able to walk in and try out climbing without signing up for a class. Open Climb is appropriate for kids (5+) and adults and does not require any reservations. Visit Open Climb for details on this weekend-only service.

Introductory Lessons (Ages 13+ and Adults)

There are important safety skills that you need to learn if you want to start climbing independently at an Earth Treks Climbing Center. At minimum you'll want to start with Introduction to Climbing. But for the best introduction to the sport of indoor climbing, check out the Introductory Package and our buy-one, get-one free deal. Both of these options deliver a great climbing experience and lay a solid foundation of safety skills including harness use, knot tying, and belaying. These skills are important whether you're climbing indoors in a climbing gym or outdoors at one of the many crags you'll find all over Colorado.  These courses are available to those age 13 and up.

Youth (Ages 5-12)

Earth Treks offers numerous introductory youth and family program options for kids as young as five. Friday Nite Rox is a great way to start and is perfect for siblings of varying ages. For those seeking a richer ongoing educational experience, consider Climbing Clubs. If you just want the family to "try it out" first before signing up for a class consider Open Climb.