Setter Showdown – May 30 & 31 is Coming to ET Golden!

Setter Showdown is coming to ET Golden!

On Saturday, May 30 Earth Treks Golden will host 24 routesetters from all over the U.S. competing in the Setter Showdown! We will have some wall closures during that time. Closures will be posted around the gym and on our Facebook pages as the date of the event gets closer.

On Sunday, May 31, join us once again for Awards, Vendor Village, Shoe Demos and a Party! Industry experts, routesetters and YOU will have a chance to vote on the winning boulder problems between 10 am – 2pm. We will have a Vendor Village with Shoe Demos and finish the day with a DJ, food trucks and beer!

Schedule of events for May 31:

Setter Showdown
10 am – 2pm Climber Judging Session
4 pm Awards

Shoe Demos & Vendor Village
10 am Climbing Shoe Demos
12 – 4pm Vendor Village

5 – 10pm Party*

*Earth Treks Golden Members will receive a raffle ticket on the day of the event upon checking in at the front desk.*

Please Check Back for Details

Setter Showdown Video/Website


Video of Past Showdowns: