The Warrior’s Way Falling and Commitment Clinic with Arno Ilgner



Have you hit a performance plateau?

Do you experience irrational fears? Have you met all your climbing goals?

The Clinic will involve climbing exercises. You’ll learn to:
-Become aware of your mind’s limiting tendencies
-Use your mind’s intelligence to do effective risk assessment
-Distinguish between no-fall and yes-fall zones
-Make appropriate risk decisions
-Practice falling in small increments
-Give a cushioned belay
-Engage your body to develop flow and momentum
-Deal with climbing stress effectively
-Improve problem-solving skills
-Reduce fear, and more.

Where: Earth Treks Golden
When: Monday, October 20
Time: 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm

  • $99.00 for Earth Treks Members
  • $119 for Non-members

Participants receive free laminated reminder card, a reference PDF on all exercises and follow up lessons.

Register for the Warriors Way Clinic online
or you can
call Earth Treks Golden at 303-222-9564