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*January 13-14 - DIVISIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP – Philadelphia Rock Gym, Wyncote, PA  
*February 9-11 - NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP – The Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, UT

*Comps where ET Coaches will attend

Regional, Divisional, and National competitions have specific requirements for qualification, registration, and attendance so please read through the USA Climbing website carefully. Earth Treks charges a nominal competition fee for athletes attending upper level competitions through USAC (Divisionals and Nationals): $75 for Divisionals and $150 for Nationals. While these fees will not completely cover the cost of sending coaches, they will help keep it at a manageable rate so that we can continue to send coaches to away competitions.

Special Events

Summer Team Practice Dates: TBA


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Carissa Gross, Head Coach & Team Coordinator

Carissa started climbing in 2011, while visiting Denver. After trying a boulder problem at a local gym she immediately fell in love.  Back at home in Brandon, South Dakota, she traveled 45 miles north to climb at the small South Dakota State University wall.  It wasn’t much but it was enough for train and get a little stronger!  When Carissa moved to Denver she got her first gym membership at Rock’n and Jam’n in Thornton and has since expanded her horizons, climbing frequently at Joe’s Valley and other local bouldering areas. Along with coaching at Earth Treks, Carissa is also a freelance photographer and a videographer editor working with Wedding Memories of Omaha.  Along with training for climbing, she enjoys training on obstacles similar to what you see on American Ninja Warrior.

Carissa grew up in the small town of Brandon, South Dakota playing volleyball, basketball, track and fast-pitch softball. She graduated from the University of South Dakota in December of 2010 with a degree in Contemporary Media and Journalism.

Sierra Dontanville, Coach

Sierra started climbing in 2003 at Sport Rock Climbing Center in Virginia. After going to the gym for her sister’s birthday party she immediately asked her parents to quit soccer and join the local climbing team. That next summer she competed in her first National Championships in California and from then on was either training for Bouldering Season or training speed and difficulty for Sport & Speed season. She has since competed in over 13 National Championship events and three international competitions, including two World Championships. Since moving to Colorado in 2006, Sierra has had increasing opportunities to further my passion for climbing outside. She spends most weekends climbing outside in Rocky Mountain National Park, Lincoln Lake, Clear Creek, or anywhere she can. Sierra began coaching at City Rock in Colorado Springs 10 years ago, and has also coached at BRC in Boulder before joining Earth Treks’ coaching staff. Along with coaching at Earth Treks, Sierra is a Civil Engineer, and has a passion for teaching and passing on my knowledge of competing, climbing, and engineering to the next generation.

As a kid, Sierra was first introduced to Earth Treks when they were the team to beat at local events and competitions. Soon after, she became an honorary Earth Treks Team member, attending as many practices as she could, though she lived over an hour away from the nearest Earth Treks. According to Sierra, “If it weren’t for the great coaches at Earth Treks I would never have progressed in the competition scene as I did. As a result when my husband began working as a route setter at Earth Treks in Golden, I began searching for a way I could give back to a community that affected me so greatly as a young competitor.”

Andrew Lam, Coach & Routesetter

Andrew started climbing at the end of high school in 2008 with friends at the local gym in Salt Lake City. Over the next few years Andrew called The Wasatch his home and was able to explore Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, Wyoming, and Arizona while studying at the University of Utah earning a BS in Psychology. In the summer of 2013 Andrew and his partner were awarded the American Alpine Clubs Mountaineering Fellowship Grant and were able to explore British Columbia’s Western Coast in search of big walls. In 2015 the opportunity to move to North Carolina arose and he was able to explore the south east and its climbing; from Moore’s Wall and the Looking Glass to the New and Red River Gorges. He also began working at Triangle Rock Club in Raleigh at the front desk but quickly progressed to coach and personal trainer for climbing as well as manager.

Life happens quickly though. The West called him back and in the summer of 2016 Andrew found himself here at Earth Treks and exploring Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Currently, he spends his days in Eldorado Canyon, Rocky Mountain National Park, and the South Platte. Andrew is passionate about climbing, sharing his passion with the Earth Treks community and imparting his knowledge with the team.

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