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Custom Online Invitations

Create a custom online invitation through!  Follow these 2 easy steps and you will have your online party invite ready in no time!

1) Copy the paragraph below to your clipboard (include the waiver link)
Earth Treks will provide climbing equipment and instructors who will be responsible for all climbing activities. Please wear comfortable clothing that will not restrict movement and sneakers. Sweatpants/shorts and T-shirt are fine.  No open toed shoes or sandals. While helmets are not required, they will be made available at no charge. COMPLETE THE ONLINE WAIVER (link below). ALL participants and observers under the age of 18 need the waiver signed by their parent or court appointed guardian to participate.

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 2. Click on the invitation image below

Paste the above paragraph in the Event Information section of the invitation. Gym addresses are listed below for your reference.

Click here to create a custom invitation.

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