Add / Drop a Family Member

  • To add / drop a family member on your membership account complete the form below. Prior to adding a family member to an account, a waiver form must be completed.

    Family memberships are for couples in a committed relationship and their dependent children. A maximum of 2 adults (18 years old and up) are allowed on a family account and additional children must be under 18. Roommates and adult siblings do not qualify for a family membership.

    Family proof, showing that the adults on the membership reside at the same address, must be submitted by significant others in a committed relationship. Married couples and domestic partners do not need to provide proof of address. Proof of address includes: copies of drivers licenses, copies of bills or account statements, or lease agreements.

    Please note: Adds cannot be made to a Student membership. The Student membership is only for stand-alone accounts and members added to a student account will mean a change to the Family rate.
  • Begins with "EARTH..." or "ET..."
  • You, or the primary member on the account, not the person to be added/dropped.
  • "ADDS" will be processed ASAP to get you up and climbing. "DROPS" are effective your next billing date. Email confirmation will be sent.
  • Please enter the relationship of the added member to the primary account holder. Married couples, domestic partners and parents with children under 18 DO NOT need to provide family proof. All others must provide family proof. Roommates do not qualify for a family membership. Copies of drivers licenses, leases and other formal mail such as bills are acceptable proof of address. Separate documents can be submitted for each person on the family account, or a screenshot showing both documents can be submitted as a single document. Please include your proof below.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, gif, jpeg, png.
  • Provide details as to who needs to be added or dropped from the account. Include full name, birthdate, and Earth Treks barcode (from scan tag) if possible. Provide any other notes you wish.

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