Introduction to Rock Climbing

Earth Treks Introduction to Rock Climbing

Where it all begins. The Introduction to Rock Climbing Course focuses on fundamental skills and techniques. Participants will receive expert climbing instruction and learn how to use harnesses, tie knots, belay and rappel. This is the perfect experience for those taking their first steps into the vertical world or for climbers who have yet to learn to belay.

Already know how to belay? If you already know how to belay, but haven’t climbed outside yet, you’ll want to start with the Intermediate Rock Climbing course.

Course Name

Introduction to Rock Climbing

Dates & Times

April 12, 27
May 4, 17
June 7, 22
July 13, 26
August 9
September 7, 27
October 11, 26




Member Price



13 and up


Carderock, MD or Great Falls, VA