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Peak Performance Training is an intensive training program that incorporates three core concepts critical to every climber’s success—Fitness, Movement, and Motivation. PPT is intended for anyone who is serious about accelerating their development and reaching their potential as a climber. Over the month long program, the PPT “team” gathers twice per week with Earth Treks instructors to train, refine movement technique, and push each other to improve across the climbing disciplines. Workouts will include roped climbing, bouldering, and non-climbing routines. If we don’t tire you out enough—don’t worry, we’ll be sending you off with homework each week too. Participants will finish the program having developed an easy to follow training plan.  PPT is most appropriate for 5.8-5.11 / V1-V5 climbers who strive to break thru their personal barrier and beyond, and are ready to work hard to reach that goal.

  • Fitness: Climbing specific exercises to develop power and endurance and reduce injuries. Incorporate the fitness area and systems board into your training routine.
  • Movement: Develop fluid and precise movement technique thru personal coaching.
  • Motivation: Comes from Earth Treks’ instructors, your teammates, and you! Gain a mental edge thru goal setting, visualization exercises, and learning to manage fear.

Are you interested in Peak Performance Training but not ready to take the plunge?  Earth Treks holds occasional FREE preview sessions.  Try out a climbing based work out and learn how we incorporate training tools like the system and campus boards.  The next preview sessions are in March 2014.  Register for Peak Performance Training – Preview

Course Name

Peak Performance Training

Dates & Times

8 sessions over a month.
Columbia: Mon/Wed 7-9:30pm
Timonium: Tues/Thurs 7-9:30pm
Rockville: Tues/Thurs 7-9:30pm



Member Price



18 and up


Columbia, Timonium, Rockville




Belay Safety Check. Intro to Movement, Fundamentals of Bouldering or equivalent experience.


Here’s what people are saying about Peak Performance Training…

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Peak Performance Training class.  I went in to the class with the goal of improving my endurance and strength.  I felt like every training regimen we did helped me achieve both goals.  The exercises and coaching pushed me harder than what I thought was possible from my own body – It made me realize that I was putting limits on my performance, now I know I can push quite a bit harder.  I would recommend Peak Performance Training to any climber who wants to take it to the next level or has hit a plateau – if you take the class seriously you’ll be very happy with the results.”  – MR

“Because of this class I am actually excited and extremely optimistic about strengthening and conditioning to improve my climbing grade.” -ES

“I can’t say enough positive things about Dean, Josh, and Michael.  They were fun, friendly, engaged, excited, motivating, helpful, and perfect at pushing us hard and past what we thought we could do.  Excellent to work with and I would take another class with them in a heartbeat.” -EO

“This class will give you the tools and knowledge to take climbing from a hobby to a true workout.” -AT

“Feeling like you are in a climbing rut, stuck on a plateau of I can’t seem to get any better? Peak performance is your answer. The one on one coaching, individualized climbing plans and training days lets you gain the strength and endurance to help you tackle that plateau. This class combines bouldering with rope climbing, pumping iron and core strength building to help optimize your performance. I loved it! It helped take me from a V3 to projecting V5s for bouldering and helped me get over the 5.10 plateau to projecting 5.11s with good, honed technique. Also, now I feel more confident in shaping my own multi-dimensional workouts that combine various areas of climbing with fitness.” -RH