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Climbing Mountains to Fight Cancer – Livestrong / Survivor Summit

Climbing Mountains to Fight Cancer
For the last few years Earth Treks has been partnering with Livestrong and Survivor Summit!

“Survivor Summit is a LIVESTRONG partnered event that exists to provide inspiration, motivation and hope for those among us facing uphill battles.”   The Mission of the Survivor Summit Foundation is to lead cancer survivors and their supporters on life altering journeys, inspiring them and the community at large to challenge the mental and physical boundaries associated with cancer.  You can visit www.survivorsummit.org to learn more about the Kilimanjaro Expedition.

On December 4th, the documentary, “Conquering Kilimanjaro,” (http://www.conqueringkilimanjaro.com/) produced by Growing Bolder premiered in Orlando. This documentary follows 16 Cancer Survivors and community advocates while they attempt to climb Kilimanjaro. With a successful summit this really is a truly inspiring and touching documentary.  Earth Treks’ CEO Chris Warner and long time guide Nelson Laur, led this expedition, which placed 100% of the climbers on the summit.

Chris Warner and other guides will be leading the 3rd Survivor Summit Kili Climb for Livestrong in late January 2015.

Check out the story on the premier of Conquering Kilimanjaro in Orlando on Thursday, December 3, 2014 below…

Climbing at the Red River Gorge – by Jodye Boam

Recently a few Earth Treks Timonium and Earth Treks Golden staff got together and decided to head out for a climbing trip to the Red River Gorge.

Here is Jodye Boam’s blog about their trip! Enjoy the blog and amazing photos!

Climbing in Red River Gorge

by Jodye Boam, Earth Treks Timonium
Retail Assistant/Shift Supervisor

Red River Gorge 2014 Earth Treks Staff 1

Rainy is the first word I can think of to sum up our climbing trip to the Red River Gorge in October. But contrary to popular belief, rain does not ruin a climbing trip (condensation, on the other hand, is en entirely different beast). At least not with a crew as psyched as ours. Included in the line up were Earth Treks all-stars Matt and Charlotte Bosley, Mike Hauck, and myself, as well as Justin Smith, Sam Voso, and Adam Pettee.

Red River Gorge 2014 Earth Treks Staff 2

We all stayed in a cozy cabin that had a wonderful surprise in store for us. One particular night, while we were relaxing in the hot tub (!) it started to rain sideways. Booms of thunder were punctuated by screams of terror as we all sprinted into the safety of the cabin. To say we were surprised that it was just as wet inside as it was outside would be an understatement. Rain was pouring in through our (apparently unsealed) windows, soaking everything on the left side of the house. Don’t worry, though: when we called the cabin rental agency, they confirmed that it was, in fact, going to rain again the following day, and that they’d send up plenty of towels for us to clean up with.

Red River Gorge 2014 Earth Treks Staff 3

Weather aside, we had 10 full days ahead of us, and no set agenda. We took plenty of time to climb the classics, as well as explore routes we’d always swept past, and found some real gems along the way. Thank goodness for four wheel drive; most of our time was spent in the depths of PMRP, where, it seems, the climbing potential expands every time we return.


Red River Gorge 2014 Earth Treks Staff 4

Purgatory, home of the classics Lucifer 5.14c, as well as Paradise Lost 5.13a was one of the first destinations on our list. We found great warm-ups just around the corner. In perfectly pumpy Red River Gorge style, the holds were great and the angle was steep, which provided fun and interesting climbing for everyone. After a sufficient warm-up, Matt put in great work on Dracula ’04, being hindered not by the pump, but by that pesky condensation we talked about earlier. Meanwhile, Justin hopped on Paradise Lost, a project he had committed to on our last trip to the Red. After a few days of work, a break in the weather, and a send train led by none other and Anna Stohr, Justin was able to send!

Red River Gorge 2014 Earth Treks Staff 5

Running with the theme of hard sends, Mike found his project, Triple-Sec (aka 50 Bucks) 5.12d, at The Sanctuary in the always beautiful Muir Valley. Mike’s send of this seemingly blank face, sprinkled with a few crimps and pockets, leading to a crux, then to a no-hands-rest, followed by another crux, was truly inspiring.


Red River Gorge 2014 Earth Treks Staff 6

Another fine gem in PMRP was Random Precision, one of the few vertical climbs in the entire Red River Gorge. This was one of my absolute favorite climbs of the trip, and one I’d surely come back to again.


Red River Gorge 2014 Earth Treks Staff 7

Drive-By is another crag we found ourselves at time and again. With climbs like Breakfast Burrito, Fire and Brimstone, Naked Lunch, and Whip Stocking, lined up perfectly in a row, it was hard to stay away. After we had all tried nearly every classic moderate Drive-By had to offer, we made our way down the line and eventually came to the super-classic 5.14c Kaleidoscope. You know the saying: last go, best go. Matt punctuated the trip perfectly with a send on the very last day!

The Road Fitness Program is open for registration. Check out the video for a sneak peak of this Earth Treks Fitness Program!

We have a new video giving a sneak peak into what goes into the Road, one of Earth Treks Fitness Programs.

The Road is meant to give participants a strong physical-training edge to their climbing. This is a no-joke course that will be physically demanding regardless of your level of fitness. It is intended to become a part of a climber’s regular routine of fitness training throughout the year.

Many routines will be body-weight routines. Other routines may employ “unconventional” methods of resistance outside the scope of what a “regular” gym can offer. As an example, during a session participants could be expected to do a set of chin-ups, swing a sledgehammer and then drag a 250lb tire.

All workouts will be geared towards helping participants realize climbing-specific physical goals. In addition to the workouts, participants will receive additional “homework” assignments and/or specific nutritional recommendations.

Earth Treks Golden Featured on Colorado’s Best

On Feb 21st Earth Treks Climbing Centers Golden was featured in Fox 31 Denver’s program, Colorado’s Best.  Here our director, Seth Murphy; Mark Webb, Head Lead Instructor; and Amy Guonaris, Programming Director talked about what our gym has to offer, what programs we have for both adult and kids. Our fitness facility, lead/rope walls,   bouldering cave, and hydraulic system boards were among other things that were highlighted.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out the gym this will give you a glimpse of what you can do, what the facility looks like and what can be available to you as soon as you walk in the door!

What else to do here at Earth Treks besides climbing?

  • Book a party (for Kids and Adults)
  • Bring  your company for a Team Building Program
  • Take a Yoga class every day of the week! For members and non-members
  • Try out one of our Fitness Programs: The Road or Peak Performance Training
  • Check out Expeditions and plan your next adventure with Earth Treks!
  • Check out our retail area with a variety of gear and apparel from Petzl, Marmot, Prana, Black Diamond, Adidas, Hippy Tree, Outdoor Research, Edelrid, FiveTen, La Sportiva, Scarpa, Evolv, Arc’teryx, Hyde Organic,  Kuhl, Patagonia, Misty Mountain, Roxy, CAMP, Organic, Sanuk and many more.


Check out the link for the video on more details Colorado’s Best deal:



Wondering what all those Kilimanjaro pics we’ve been sharing in our Facebook page were all about? Here’s an article by Marc Middleton about the recent Earth Treks Climbing Centers, Survivor Summit and Livestrong Kilimanjaro expedition…>

Wondering what all those Kilimanjaro pics we’ve been sharing in our page were all about? Here’s an article by Marc Middleton about the recent Earth Treks Climbing Centers, Survivor Summit and Livestrong Kilimanjaro expedition.

Click HERE or the image below to read the Huffington post article: “Conquering Kili with Love”by Marc Middleton

Earth Treks Kilimanjaro Expedition

image source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/marc-middleton/conquering-kil-with-love_b_4848319.html

Check out this article on Gabe McKenzie: One of 12 athletes heading to Colorado this week to represent our Earth Treks Climbing Team at ABS Youth Nationals…>

Check out this article on Gabe McKenzie: One of 12 athletes heading to Colorado this week to represent our Earth Treks Climbing Team at ABS Youth Nationals.


Good luck Amelia, Jilly, Bella, Bryce, Megan, Kayla, Claire, Kerry, Connor, Ben, Evan and Gabe at Nationals this week/weekend!

Wish them luck, and follow the action on Facebook February 28 – March 2!