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Team Earth Treks Colorado

Team Tryout Results (fall 2014)

Earth Treks Golden held its’ Youth Climbing Team Tryouts on August 11th and August 18th. Below are the results for the fall 2014/spring 2015 season teams. Thank you very much to everyone who participated!  Following are invites to Advanced Climbing Team and Team Earth Treks.  If your child is not listed on one of the teams below, they are recommended for our Recreational Climbing Club program which has new sessions starting the first week of September. To guarantee your spot on the team, all invitations must be accepted via online registration no later than Friday, August 22nd. 

To accept an invite and register your child for team…

  1. Carefully review the Parent Handbook and Team Code of Conduct.
  2. Complete the online Team Registration and Billing Agreement.
  3. Parents must attend a MANDATORY meeting on the first night of practice at 4:30. We will try to keep it brief (about 20 minutes). 
Advanced Team Team Earth Treks
O.Baud Z. Bain
B. Baybeck M. Bay
G. Ryan E. Chase
K. Griscom C. Davies
A. Shull F. Denham
D. Nicholas C. Evans
L. Osberg H. Hall
C. Petterson O. Kosanovich
J. Petterson M. Larson
E. Price B. Lindfors
W. Schultz C. Losche
S. Ventimiglia  EJ Rainville
K. Woodard  M. Stubenvol